Ventusky for iOS: Visualize Weather on 3D Globe

Ventusky for iOS
Written by Hassan Abbas

Ventusky for iOS: Explore more than 50 meteorological layers with amazing 3D maps. Also, monitor climate changes above the poles, using Ventusky app for iPhone and iPad. Besides 3D maps, the latest version also allows you to monitor climate changes above the Earth’s poles.

For those marveling, classic 2D maps cannot visualize the weather near the poles.

Using fifty meteorological layers at your disposal in Ventusky, weather fans are now able to monitor difficult phenomenons. These phenomenons include jet stream, stratospheric warming, polar vortex, hurricanes. Also, it includes other elements that occur in higher layers of the atmosphere.

From the Blurb:

The app combines a highly accurate weather forecast for your location using a 3D map. As it displays the development of weather in a broader area in a very efficient way. Also, this enables you to view where precipitation is going to come from or where the wind is blowing from.

Ventusky owes its uniqueness to the amount of data shown.

However, the app’s forecast of weather, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, snow cover, and other meteorological data. Also, the app forecast different altitudes are available for the entire world.

Among the meteorological layers available in the app is a now added layer. As it displays new snow cover, enabling you to easily see how much snow will fall in the upcoming days.

What this does is allow more professional users like meteorologists and climatologists to monitor the climatic changes. And also make long-term weather forecasts. As a nice example, recent researches have explored that sudden warming in the stratosphere above the North Pole. It can bring to arctic blasts all over Europe and North America.

According to the app’s creator David Prantl from the Czech Republic:

What did he say? Ventusky is the only native app on Android and iOS that show more than 50 meteorological layers on a 3D globe.

However, your weather forecast for the first three days is available in Ventusky. Also, in three-hour steps, convenient one-hour steps for other days. Also, other highlights include Wind animations, Support for the numerical models. Furthermore, the ability to look up sunrise and sunrise times for a given place. Support for the numerical models. So many other perks.


Here’s all about Ventusky for iOS. For more questions and queries let us know in the comments section below. Also, drop a comment if you want to share anything else.

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