Valve Makes its Steam Spy, Only More Useful and More Accurate

Steam Spy
Written by Hassan Abbas

On May 25, 2018, in the territory of Europe, the GDPR-regulation on the protection of personal data on the Net entered into force. He touched and the game industry. In particular, Valve changed the privacy settings by default, which is why the popular third-party Steam Spy service broke down.

Most likely, if you used Steam Spy, then only for the sake of spying on the sale of certain games – the resource was famous for its fairly accurate algorithm. However, in Steam Spy there are many tools that help to study the market. So the developers took the loss of such an important source of data without enthusiasm.

Steam Spy

Yesterday at the White Nights conference in St. Petersburg was the head of business development Valve, Jan-Peter Evert(Jan-Peter Ewert). After his report, he agreed to answer questions from the audience. A HeroCraft employee and a leading podcast “How to make games” Michael Kuzmin decided to find out what Valve thinks about the fate of Steam Spy.

As Evert answered, Valve always provides open APIs, through which the community can create its own tools. But Steam Spy has two troubles. First, the already mentioned GDPR imposes restrictions on how Valve issues personal data to users of third-party services. Secondly, Steam Spy still was not accurate at all: sometimes it showed the correct data, and sometimes gave too wide an error.

Evert said that Valve is working on similar tools and coming up with new ways to transfer statistical data beyond Steam. Judging by the words of the businessman, in the end, the company hopes to create an analog of Steam Spy, only more useful and more accurate.

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We assume that Steam Spy from Valve will be available exclusively to developers who are registered in the development network Steamworks. So, ordinary users will not be able to access the service – Internet battles about selling games on PC will have to be conducted without Proofs!

The owner of Steam Spy Sergey Galyonkin has already admitted that with great interest is waiting for the analog from Valve.

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