Valve is preparing competitor Twitch – platform for Steam TV

Valve Steam
Written by Hassan Abbas

The testing of the new streaming service was accidentally made public. Steam TV will be launched by the beginning of the international tournament on Dota 2. Valve unintentionally opened temporary access to its streaming game platform Steam TV, which in fact can become a competitor to Twitch. On the night from Friday to Saturday, it hosted the broadcast of The International 2018 (TI8). Now access to the site is closed.

Valve Steam

“We are working on updating Steam Broadcasting for The International, the annual tournament for Dota 2. What ordinary Internet users saw was a test broadcast that accidentally became public,” Valve’s press secretary told The Verge.

Journalists of some publications have already evaluated the new Valve service. They note that the platform looks simple and convenient enough. At that time, Steam TV was limited only to the translation of Dota 2. After the authorization, users had access to a list of friends and group chats, they could create conversations within the broadcasts, however, it was not allowed to run their own Steam games.

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As you know, Microsoft has its own streaming service Mixer, from Google – YouTube Gaming. Both platforms are the biggest competitors of Twitch, they allow players to broadcast their games and watch the broadcasts of other users. It is unclear what Valve’s ambitions are, and whether the company plans to go beyond TI8. We will probably learn about this already on August 20, when the largest tournament on Dota 2 begins.

Via: The Verge

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