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User Guide On Use Comments in Documents

Use Comments in Documents
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to use Comments in documents? Numbers, Pages, and Keynote offer an essential Comments feature. Whether you are integrating on a document with others or just writing one yourself. Those comments can come quite handy. However, comments enable you to make notes to others that they can reply to or notes to yourself for reference, so you must remember anything.

If you are Comments feature newbie in Numbers, Pages, and Keynote, then this article allows you how easy it is to use them on Mac and iOS.

Use Comments in Documents

Take a look at how to use comments in documents:

Comments in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on Mac

Comments feature on Mac works well across all three apps, which makes it simple and easy.

Add a comment

Such as, you can choose text in Pages, a cell in Numbers, or an element in Keynote and include a comment instantly.

Click the Comment button the toolbar or Insert > Comment from the menu bar. Input your comment and tap Done.

Show comments

Your comment will be added to the item you choose in the app. And you’ll then view that a comment is added with a small square located next to the item. In Numbers, comments attached to cells will have a triangle in the corner.

Simply hide these signs and display them when you want to by tapping View > Comments > Hide/Show Comments from the menu bar. (In Pages, it’s View > Comments & Changes.)

Modify the comment color

Like the author of the document, you can modify the color that shows for your comments in any of the 3 apps.

Tap View > Comments > Author Color from the menu bar and choose the color.

Note: While using the apps on iOS, the comment color you choose on Mac will apply on the iPad or iPhone.

View comments

You can choose the item in the app to see the attached comment. Under the small comment window, you have arrows. By tapping these, simply move through each of the comments in the document, between slides, pages, and spreadsheets where comments apply.

If you want to use the menu bar, simply do that as well. Tap View > Comments > Show Next/Previous Comment from the menu bar.

Also, Pages offers easy Comment Pane for you to view all of the comments at once. If you want to use it, tap View > Show Comments Pane. You’ll also make sure that if you put your pointer over a comment in the pane, a line will pop up displaying what that comment is attached to in the document.

Reply to, edit, or delete comments

The small comments window has a Reply and Delete choices right at the bottom. And once you tap the date and time arrow located on the top right of the comment, you can simply Edit or Delete it.

Replies to comments display right in the same comment window, below the original comment, and quite indented.

Comments in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on iPhone and iPad

While working with Comments in these apps on iPad or iPhone works quite different in Pages and Keynote than it does in Numbers.

Add a comment in Pages and Keynote

If you want to add a comment, choose the text, photo, or other element and hold until you view the shortcut menu pops up. Simply use the arrow to move through the actions until you view Comment and click it.

Input in your comment and click Done once done.

Add a comment in Numbers

If you want to add a comment in numbers, choose the cell, and then click the Cell button under it. Move down and click Add Comment. Write in your comment and click Done when you finish.

Show comments

Just like on Mac, you’ll view signs for comments in all 3 apps either as triangles or squares.

If you want to hide the comment signs in any of the apps:

Step 1:

Click the More button on the top right.

Step 2:

Choose Settings.

Step 3:

Disable the toggle for Comments.

Step 4:

Click Done.

View, reply to, edit, or delete comments

You can also choose the item in the app to view the attached comment. In Numbers, just click the Cell button, move down, and choose Show Comment.

Under the comment window, simply use the arrows to move through the document’s comments.

You can also click to Reply or Delete comment or click More (three dots) located on the top right to Edit or Delete it.


Here’s all about “Use Comments in Documents”. Well, the Comments feature in Numbers, Pages, and Keynote is best for notes with others or just for your own advantage. They’re easy to add, view, edit, and delete on iOS devices just the same.

Are you trying to check out the Comments option for your next document? If you do and have some tricks you would like to share, let us know your thoughts below!

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