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User Guide On Use Alexa App For Alarms, Reminders And Timers

Use Alexa App For Alarms
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to use the Alexa app for alarms, reminders, and timers? Siri is the best assistant and HomePod is a dreadful smart speaker. But these are not the only players in the game, right? It might be you don’t like to spend the money on an expensive HomePod and value that other assistants exist rather than Siri.

Amazon Echo and Alexa are amazing alternatives. Also, you don’t need to have an Amazon smart speaker to use Alexa due to the app works on your iPhone without one.

If you want to provide the Alexa app a try for your reminders, alarms, and timers, with or without a speaker. Come let’s check here’s how to set them up.

Alexa helps you stay on time

Head over to the Alexa app on your iPad or iPhone. Also, access the menu using the button located on the top left, and choose Reminders & Alarms.

All 3 choices for reminders, alarms, and timers are contained in one efficient spot. And for each type, simply use your voice in addition to the steps below. Simply click the Alexa icon in the middle of the bar located at the bottom and tell Alexa what you want too.

Use Alexa app for alarms

Step 1:

Click Alarms located at the top and then Add Alarm.

Step 2:

Choose the Time for your alarm.

Step 3:

Select your Device. Mandatory, simply set your alarm to Repeat, however, this is not compatible if you select your iPhone as the device.

Step 4:

The defaults Date to Today, but you can select a different date if you want too.

Step 5:

Another mandatory setting for your alarm is Sound. You should view a handful of celebrity sounds you can select from or simply use the default Simple Alarm.

Step 6:

Click Save.

You’ll move back to the Reminders & Alarms screen where you’ll then view your new alarm is turned on. You can also create and save many alarms to edit or reuse an existing alarm by clicking on one.

Use Alexa for reminders

Step 1:

Click Reminders located at the top and then Add Reminder plus sign.

Step 2:

Provide your reminder a name and then select a time- or location-based reminder.

Step 3:

Input the details for the reminder type you select whether Location or Time. For each type, simply create a repeating reminder and choose the device.

Step 4:

Click Save.

Use Alexa for timers

Step 1:

Click Timers located at the top and then the Alexa icon in the middle at the bottom.

Step 2:

Tell Alexa to adjust a timer for X number of hours, minutes, or whatever time increment you required.

Step 3:

Your timer will show in the Timers section. If you want to stop the timer ahead of time, click it and select Delete.

Once your timer goes off, you’ll then view a bar across the top of your iPhone, just click to dismiss it.

Modify the default settings for alarms and timers

Besides, you select an alarm or timer sound in the steps mentioned above. Simply set a default for both if you want to. Make sure, these settings also apply to both timers or alarms.

Step 1:

Tap Timers or Alarms located at the top of the Reminders & Alarms screen.

Step 2:

Click Settings toward the bottom and choose your device.

Step 3:

Simply adjust the volume using the slider.

Step 4:

Click Sound to select one of the Celebrity Sounds or move down to Sounds for other types of sounds.

Step 5:

Turn on the toggle for Ascending Alarm if you want the volume to slowly enhance when the sound is triggered. You can then click the arrow located at the top to move back if you want to set a reminder, alarm, or timer.

Remember voice commands

As we mentioned above, you can also use your voice with the Alexa app to adjust reminders, alarms, and timers besides using the manual steps above. Simply click the Alexa icon at the bottom middle of the app and speak your request.

Try commands like:


  • Set an alarm for 6:30 AM tomorrow.
  • Remind me to call the doctor at 10 AM today.
  • Set a timer for 10 minutes.

While using an Amazon speaker, you can set these three up by saying Alexa to do so on your speaker too.


Here’s all about “Use Alexa App For Alarms”. If you don’t use Siri for whatever reason or just like to view if you want Alexa better. However, it’s good that you can also use the app with or without a speaker or on both iPad or Phone for free.

Also, make sure that Alexa can also help you with several other tasks such as searching your iPhone, accessing your iCloud Calendar, and using shopping and to-do lists.

What are your suggestions on the Alexa app? Are you going to give it a try or do you want to use it and have some tricks you would like to share? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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