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User Guide On Slow Down Time-Lapse Videos On iPhone & iPad

Slow Down Time-Lapse Videos On iPhone
Written by Hassan Abbas

Have you ever try to slow down time-lapse videos on iPhone and iPad? If you love to capture your videos from iPhone, you might also take benefit of the time-lapse feature. Once you turn on this setting for your video, what you capture or take is at a very low frame rate (one to two seconds per frame). So once you play it back, simply watch a 5-minute video in 10 seconds, for example.

However, you probably don’t like the speed at which your video plays back. Might be it’s a wee bit too fast? While currently there’s not a setting to adjust this. However, it’s a way to slow down time-lapse videos on iPhone using iMovie. Come let’s check how to:

Slow down your video with iMovie

If iMovie is the space-hogging apps you’ve removed from your device. Then simply get it back for free. Simply move ahead to the App Store and again download iMovie.

Head over to iMovie and initiate a new project for your video.

Step 1:

Click the plus sign located at the top of the Projects screen and choose Movie.

Step 2:

Select your video and click Create Movie.

Step 3:

Move the play head to the starting of your video and click to choose your video. This will highlight it in yellow.

Step 4:

Click the Speed icon at the bottom. Also, move the slider to the left, to slow down it to the speed you like. You’ll then view the video duration change once you move the slider. Also, you can click the play icon at any time to check out a preview.

Step 5:

Click Done when you finish.

Also save, export, or share your edited time-lapse video using the Share button under it.


Here’s all about “slow down time-lapse videos on iPhone and iPad”. Time-lapse is an amazing feature that enables you to provide your videos with a clean effect or speed up a process you’re showing. But if your creation moves a little faster than you want, make sure that with iMovie, you can simply slow it down.

Are you ready to use the time-lapse video feature on your iPhone? What types of videos do you want to use it for? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below!

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