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User Guide On Mac Finder Preferences and Settings To Check Out

Mac Finder Preferences and Settings
Written by Hassan Abbas

Are you the one who is looking for Mac Finder Preferences and settings to check out? We all take the time to customize things on Macs. From the screen saver or wallpaper to the Dock and menu bar. You need your Mac to view and work per your requirement. But when it comes to Finder, do you need the time to customize it as well?

Finder is the Mac tools that many people take for granted. Also, if you’re Mac newbie, you probably can’t realize all that Finder can do.

In this article, you’ll learn some of the Mac Finder settings. You probably just find one or two that you need to adjust.

Finder preferences and settings

  • View warnings
  • Daily Take the Trash out
  • Display filename extensions
  • Adjust your default Finder search
  • Select your Finder window folder
  • View the status bar
  • See the path bar

View warnings

After doing things on your Mac that you don’t want to, it’s good to have a notification about it. You can turn on warnings before modifying an extension, erasing from iCloud Drive, and emptying the trash.

Head over to Finder > Preferences and choose the Advanced option.

You can also check the boxes for one or all three of those warnings.

Daily Take the Trash out

You’ll also check a setting for your Trash in Finder > Preferences > Advanced. Rather than manually emptying the Trash, simply check the box to Remove items from the Trash after 30 days.

It helps you to save some storage by having those items automatically and permanently removed daily.

Display filename extensions

While using your Mac for business or are in the case where you pay more attention to file names, then this setting is for you.

Head over to Finder > Preferences > Advanced, simply check a box to Show all filename extensions.

Once again, open Finder > Preferences > Advanced. Then move to the drop-down box under it and make your selection When performing a search. You can also select to find your Mac, recent folder, or use your earlier search scope, by default.

Select your Finder window folder

Each time when you open Finder, you might always move to the same folder. Probably it’s Recents, might be it’s Documents, or probably it’s something fully different. Besides navigating to that folder each time, have your Finder window by default open to the folder and save yourself a few seconds.

Head over to Finder > Preferences and choose the General option.

Tap the New Finder windows show drop-down box and select the folder you need to open. You’ll then view common choices in the list but can tap Other to select any location on your Mac.

View the status bar

The Finder status bar is quite a handy tool. It can explain to you how many items you put in a folder, how many of the other items you have chosen, and how much space you have available.

Using Finder open, tap View > Show Status Bar from the menu bar.

You’ll then view the status bar open under your Finder window. After using every new Finder window you open moving forward. That status bar will show unless you tap View > Hide Status Bar.

This is a modest tool that can be very essential.

See the path bar

Same as to the status bar, the path bar in Finder is another essential tool for viewing the full path of an item on your Mac.

Tap View > Show Path Bar from the menu bar. This will also show under your Finder window and remain until you disable it (View > Hide Path Bar). Once you have a status bar turned on, then it will lay on top of that.

In addition to being a good method to view the whole path of your items. Then use the path bar. To move to a location in a file path, simply double-tap it in the path bar.


Here’s all about “Mac Finder Preferences and Settings”. Take a little time to customize Finder to your liking can save your time later. Whether you like to view warnings while taking an action or just open Finder to the same folder each time, make Finder on your Mac work for you.

What are your views about it? Is this article helpful? Let us know in the comments section below!

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