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User Guide on How to View Apple Music Listening History

View Apple Music Listening History
Written by Hassan Abbas

View Apple Music Listening History: Anxious on finding out what your Apple Music playback history seems like? In this guide, we’ll be explaining how you can view your Apple Music listening history on your iPhone and iPad.

If you’re a keen iPhone or iPad user, there’s a chance you’ve subscribed to the Apple Music service. The music streaming service into the stock Music app alongside your local iTunes library offers lots of features. These features include the ability to display live lyrics. However, the app’s implementation of its “Recently Played” section challenging to access from the Playlists menu. But now there’s the latest “History” feature that allows you to view all the songs, right within the playback menu.

Come let’s get to it:

How to View Apple Music Listening History on iPhone & iPad

Make sure that you won’t really have to be an Apple Music subscriber to take full benefit of this feature. However, since this specific feature was launched alongside iOS 13. However, you need to remember that your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 13 / iPadOS 13 or later. Once you’re updated, just follow the steps below to view your listening history.

Step 1:

Firstly, Open the “Music” app from the home screen of your iPad or iPhone.

Step 2:

Whenever you’re in the app, you’ll see the “Now Playing” section right above the menu at the very bottom. However, this displays up also if you’re not playing any music. Just click on this bar to move to the playback menu.

Step 3:

Here, you’ll also view three icons right below the volume slider. Click on the icon located right next to the one for AirPlay.

Step 4:

In this menu, you’ll also be able to view the queue if you’re listening to any song from your playlist. Also, you’ll be able to access your playback history right here. To do this, just scroll down.

Step 5:

You’ll also check that the “Up Next” section dragged out of the screen to display your “History”. If you like to wipe this playback history at any time, just click “Clear”.

That’s all! To access your listening history on the stock Music app.

The History section doesn’t show the songs you stream on Apple Music. If you hear any locally stored song from your iTunes music library, that display up in this list as well.

Also, if you played back a song several times on repeat, you’ll also be able to count exactly how many times you actually listened to it right here.

The good part about this latest “History” feature is the fact that you don’t need to subscribe to Apple Music and it isn’t restricted to songs streamed on the platform. This feature adds a lot of convenience by enabling users to instantly get back to the songs they were listening to, without having to leave the playback menu.


What do you think about the latest effective addition to the default iOS Music app? Is it something you’ve always liked, or is it just one of those features that you don’t view yourself using on a regular basis? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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