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User Guide on How to Use PlayStation Controller on Android

Use Playstation Controller on Android
Written by Hassan Abbas

Use PlayStation Controller on Android: If you have a modern gaming console, then probably you already have a usable Bluetooth controller. That’s due to the latest console controllers either use Bluetooth as standard or include it for use on other platforms. However, it means, yes, it’s possible to use a PlayStation 4 (PS4) controller on your Android phone, tablet, or TV device. We’re here to display you how.

How to do the thing

Here’s all about use Playstation 4 Controller:

Step 1:

Initially, On your Android device, make sure your Bluetooth radio is turned on by opening settings and moving to the Bluetooth menu.

Step 2:

Also, ensure the phone is in scan mode.

Step 3:

Using the controller, simultaneously hold the PlayStation button and the Share button for 10-20 seconds. The controller’s light will start blinking to allow you to know it’s in pair mode.

Step 4:

Move on the phone, look for a device named Wireless Controller in the list of nearby Bluetooth devices. Click that device to start the pairing process.

Step 5:

However, the controller’s light stop blinking and you should get confirmation on your phone that the connection was successful.

If all done correctly, you’ll be connected, and the controller can be used to navigate the Android UI.

Should you use a PS4 controller on your Android device?

Give your favorite games a try and view if they present any issues. Ideally, a game just allows you to remap all the buttons like an emulator would. However, that’s just not the case with most games.

During testing, I’ve found that it can’t act like quite as well as a dedicated mobile controller or also the Xbox One’s controller. For instance, while I could move my character and turn the camera using the analog sticks in Modern Combat 5. However, the aim and shoot buttons were put down to the Share and Options buttons, respectively.


If you have a game that works well with it or that enables you to remap the buttons, go nuts. However, there is easier to use controllers out there, and someones, like the Xbox One Controller, looks more compatible with Android devices. Due to this, we’d suggest an alternative, like the Xbox One Controller or something like the SteelSeries Stratus Duo. Also, if you don’t find it useful, some popular games like Fortnite could offer controller mapping in the future. Also, you’ll be happy that you already know how to set this up if and when that day reaches.

Here’s all about “Use Playstation Controller on Android”. Are you ready to use PlayStation Controller on Android? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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