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User Guide on How to Use Google Duo in Galaxy S20

Written by Hassan Abbas

Use Google Duo in Galaxy S20: With the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung add Google Duo directly into the phone dialer, making it easy for you to video call your loved ones. You can also start a video call from the phone dialer. Also, you’ll be taken to Duo for the call itself. Here’s how you can make Duo calls from your S20’s phone dialer.

According to Samsung:

Google try to work on optimizing the video calling platform as part of this collaboration. This amazing feature added into Samsung’s One UI found on the Galaxy S20 smartphone lineup. We’d earlier hear about this feature when it leaked in a report from the Korea Herald previously this year.

The integration is quite easy to understand. However, you’ll be able to find the video chat platform via the Google Duo icon resides inside the S20’s dialer. The feature also supports the phone’s wide-angle selfie camera and Samsung’s AR Emoji, as well. You’ll also find the same integration in the latetst announced Galaxy Z Flip folding phone.

Users will alos be able to make video calls over mobile data in addition to WiFi. However, the company stresses that maybe you’ll want a 5G connection for the best quality. Up to eight people will be able to chat using Duo on these phones. But make sure that the experience may vary based on carrier.

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How to Use Google Duo in the Galaxy S20 phone dialer

Follow the steps carefully to use Google Duo in Galaxy S20 phone dialer:

Step 1:

At first, Open the phone dialer.

Step 2:

Choose the contact you like to video call.

Step 3:

Also, click the Duo icon under the contact’s details to start a video call.

Step 4:

The video call will also be transferred over to Duo. However, you can also chat like you would on any Duo call.

Step 5:

You can also move from a regular voice call to a video call. When you’re in a call, press the Video call button to move to Duo.

Baking Duo into the Galaxy S20’s phone dialer makes it quite easier to start a video call using the software. You’ve no longer go to Duo and browse through your contacts to start a call. The important thing about this integration is that you can move from a regular call to a Duo video call straight from the dialer.

Also, make sure that for Duo integration to work, your contacts will have to set up Duo. Google’s video calling service comes pre-installed on all the latest Android phones. However, it works with phone numbers, there isn’t a lot to set up here.


Here’s all about “Use Google Duo in Galaxy S20”. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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