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User Guide on How to Set Up Google Photos on Nest Hub

Set Googe Photos on Nest Hub
Written by Hassan Abbas

Set Google Photos on Nest Hub: Google Photos is everyone’s favorite photo-sharing service. It’s just because it allows for virtually unlimited backups. Also, it has near-perfect syncing abilities, and it can do clean things like automatically create albums or improve images. With so many of our images living as bits on our phones and PCs. It’s quite easy to forget to display them off properly. Thankfully, Google has made it quite simple and easy to turn your favorite photos into screensavers and slideshows on your Nest Hub or Google Assistant-enabled smart screen. Let’s come we’ll display you how to get yours set up in the steps below.

How to Set Up Custom Photo Slideshows in Google Home App

Here’s how to set up a custom photo slide show in Google home app:

Set Up Custom Photo Slideshows in Google Home App

Step 1:

At first, Open your Google Home app.

Step 2:

Also, locate your smart screened speaker and click on it.

Step 3:

Click on the Settings icon (gear-shaped) located at the top right corner.

Step 4:

Now move down and click on Photo Frame. If it is not already on, click to turn it on.

Step 5:

Here you will view a variety of selections. If you want to use your own images, choose Google Photos.

Step 6:

Tap on the arrow to go into a menu where you can select which album(s) you like to cycle through on the display.

Step 7:

Scroll down to view a list of choices where you can Hide or Show notifications, weather, the time, and other data overlaid on your slideshow. Click on what you want to enable or disable.

Step 8:

Now scroll further down for additional customization choices. These are like displaying images in portrait orientation, live albums vs. all albums, and the slideshow speed.

Now you know how to set up an image frame slideshow on your Nest Hub or screened Google Assistant device. Also, note that at least on the Nest Hubs, you can’t set up or change the slideshow on the device itself. Besides, this process has to be done within the Google Home app. This is in contrast to Amazon’s Echo Show smart speakers, which enables you to make changes from the Echo Show device in addition to the Alexa app.

You can, also, ask the Google Assistant to make changes to what is on the display, provided you allow Google’s Voice Match feature.


Here’s all about “Set Google Photos on Nest Hub”. For further queries and questions let us know in the comments section below!

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