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User Guide on How to Manage Album in Photos on Mac

Manage Album in Photos on Mac
Written by Hassan Abbas

If you plan to manage your photos on Mac, you’ll then like to make some albums. For holidays, vacations, other special events, albums make your photos organized. Let’s come and check how to manage album in photos on Mac:

In this guide, we are working with Shared Albums and one for albums on your iPhone. So here in this guide, we’ll cover creating and managing albums in Photos on Mac.

How to Make and manage albums in Photos on iPhone

  • Make premade albums in Photos
  • Make an album
  • Add photos to an album
  • Delete photos from an album
  • Reorder, rename or remove albums

Make premade albums in Photos

Similar to iPhone and iPad, you’ll view some albums made just for you. The album includes People, loved ones and Places. However, these are located under Library in the Photos sidebar. While the albums can’t technically mark as albums. Because they contain a library of photos, making it simple to find all images of a certain person or place you visited.

Make an album

Your created albums will move into the Albums > My Albums section of the sidebar. Tap My Albums or just put your mouse cursor over it. However, you’ll also view a (+) plus sign appears. Tap the plus sign and choose Album.

After the album appears on the list, it will have the default name Untitled Album. Just input the name you like to provide it and press your Return key.

Make an album from photos

If you have many photos that you know you like to create an album for. Then you can do it this way too. Simply choose the photos and do one of the following.

  • Right-tap, hover your cursor to Add To and select New Album.
  • Tap File > New Album with Selection from the menu bar.

Add photos to an album

While adding photos to an album you made is quite easy. However, you have lots of ways to do that as well.

  • Initially, drag and drop photos from the main screen to the album in the sidebar.
  • Right-tap, hover your cursor to Add To and select the album.

Delete photos from an album

You can erase photos from albums without deleting the photos completely. Move to the album, choose your photo, and do one of the following.

  • Right-tap and select Remove [X] Photos from Album.
  • Tap Image > Remove [X] Photos from Album from the menu bar.

Reorder, rename or remove albums

If you like to modify the order of your albums in the sidebar. Then you can simply choose one and then drag and drop it into its new spot.

However, to rename or remove an album, right-tap and choose an option.


Here’s all about “Manage Album in Photos”. However, working with albums in Photos on your Mac is a very easy and simple way to make your photos organized. However, the app also offers an essential search feature, using albums can help you to find groups of photos at once.

Are you ready to make an album or two on your Mac? Let us know your thoughts and suggestion in the comment section below!

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