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User Guide on How to Increase Font Size On Mac

Increase Font Size On Mac
Written by Hassan Abbas

Increase Font Size On Mac: If you are increasing the size of font while you’re working in apps like Pages or Notes. Then you might take advantage of the same thing on your macOS system. After all, why blink and struggle to view if you don’t have to?

Here, we’ll display you a few ways that you can enhance the font size on your Mac.

Change your display settings

To modify your overall font size on Mac, you can make some adjustments to your Display settings. Firstly, open System Preferences with the icon in your Dock or Apple icon > System Preferences from the menu bar. Then do the following thing mentioned below:

Step 1:

Firstly, Choose Displays and make sure Display is selected in the window.

Step 2:

Next to Resolution, select Scaled.

Step 3:

You’ll also check a box open up displaying you the settings for Larger Text and More Space. Obviously, you’re here to enhance the text size, so select an option to the left.

As you hover your cursor over the two different choices. You’ll view a preview to the left along with the what the resolution will look like.

Step 4:

Once you select an option, tap OK to confirm the change.

After some time, your screen will reflect and refresh the change. Now you should view a huge font size that’s simpler to view.

Use the Accessibility features

If you like to enhance the text size for a small period of time, you can do this using the built-in accessibility features and keyboard shortcuts. Simply open your System Preferences again and then follow these steps to allow the shortcuts.

Step 1:

Choose Accessibility.

Step 2:

Select Zoom on the left under Vision.

Step 3:

On the right, check the first box located at the top for Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom. And remember the shortcuts you’ll be using.

Now use those shortcuts to zoom in and enhance the size of your screen and thus, the text on it.

If you can’t zoom in on the screen, but just enhance the text you’re reading. Then you can allow the setting at the bottom of the Accessibility window to Enable Hover Text.

This amazing and exciting feature will pop the text out in a large font whenever you hover over it and hit the Command key.

Tap the Options button next to the setting and you can choose the size, style, area, and various modifier key if you like.

Take Benefit of a Quick Shortcuts

Here are some extra keyboard shortcuts you can use to enhance the font size on Mac.


Hit Command + J and a small window will open.

Next to Text Size, choose the size you like in the drop-down box. You’ll view the size of the text for items on your desktop to enhance or increase immediately.

Webpages and apps

­For webpages and apps, the shortcut key you use are Command + plus sign (+) to zoom in and Command + hyphen (-) to zoom out.


You don’t have to search for your reading glasses just to view items on your screen better. Just try these ways to increase the font size on your Mac. Also, make your PC time more pleasant.

Are you ready to give a try for increasing the font size on your Mac? Let us know which one you prefer in the comments section below!

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