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User Guide on How to Enlarge Text On Android

Written by Hassan Abbas

Enlarge Text On Android: Are you finding it difficult to read the contents on your Android screen? or is your Android having a too-small screen that affects your eyes while reading? In these situations, we’ve come up with an easy solution that helps to enlarge the contents show on your screen. So, here are some easy tips and tricks to enlarge the text on your Android.

How to Enlarge Text on the Screen:

By Increasing the Font Size

Increasing the Font size provides you better readability of the texts on your small screen Android devices.

Step 1:

Firstly, Open Settings.

Step 2:

Choose Display.

Step 3:

Then pick the Font size and adjust it as per your need. However, available sizes are small, large, default and largest.

By Increasing the Display Size

To use the empty spaces on your mobile screen efficiently. Just increase the Display size that not only zoom in the texts but also promotes a better outlook of the things that appear on the screen.

Step 1: 

Firstly, Open Settings.

Step 2:

Then choose Display.

Step 3:

Also, select the Display size.

Step 4:

Now, change the size of the display to the largest.

Using Android’s Magnification Option

However, there are no apps available in the Play Store for enlarging the screen. Android has an inbuild Accessibility tool. However, it helps you to zoom-in the screen when needed and it can be very useful.

Step 1:

Firstly, Open the device’s Settings.

Step 2:

Also, find Accessibility. For Android 9 and 10. However, the Accessibility menu should be under System settings. But for other versions, you simply check under Additional Settings.

Step 3:

Under Display, tap on Magnification.

Step 4:

There are two choices available. Magnify with triple-clicks and Magnify with a shortcut. However, Magnify with triple-clicks is quite easy considering Magnify with a shortcut using gesture controls. So let’s check with Magnify with triple-clicks now.

Step 5:

Also, use the toggle button to turn on the feature.

Step 6:

Now, open WhatsApp, Facebook any other app that doesn’t allow you to zoom. However, Chrome allows you to zoom normally using pinch in/out.

Step 7:

Triple-click on the screen to start the magnifier.

Step 8:

Now you can normally scroll up and down. But to scroll left or right, use just two fingers to click and hold on the screen and then move left or right. However, the same goes for zoom in or zoom out. Simply pinch two or more fingers or expand to zoom out/ zoom in further.

All You Need to Know:

  • Magnification supports a maximum of 8x zoom.
  • When we turned on magnification, single clicks take slightly longer. This short delay allows your device to find out if your click is part of a triple-click.
  • Once you open or close an app when zoomed in, Magnification will be closed automatically. If you want to zoom in again, just triple-tap.

How to Enlarge Text on the Screen While Using a Browser

Enlarging text on a browser is quite easy. Because almost all the browsers have their scaling mechanisms which enable us to enlarge the text by zoom and pinch functionality. Simply pinch two or more fingers to zoom out or expand to zoom in further.

How to Enlarge Text on the Screen by Taking a Screenshot

Enlarging the text by taking a screenshot is the easiest and fastest solution if you like to zoom something for an instance. But the benefit of taking a screenshot is that if you want to refer those texts again for whatever reason. However, you will be able to find it in your gallery. You can also extract the text and use it for some purposes if required.


The previous methods will increase the readability of the texts by enhancing the text size of your Android device and limit the strain on your eyes.

Here’s all about “How to enlarge text on android”. Let us know in the comment section below. Also, share how you feel after using these features!

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