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User Guide on How to Disable Read Receipt WhatsApp Android

disable read receipts in WhatsApp for Android
Written by Hassan Abbas

Disable Read Receipt WhatsApp Android: WhatsApp, just like other popular messengers displays when the recipients read your sent messages via blue double checkmark indicator. On the flip side, for those who are not good at replying promptly or don’t feel like replying at all. Then you can disable “read receipts” so the senders don’t know when or if you even read their messages.

Whenever the sender, you may be like knowing when someone reads your messages. But as the recipient, you either love it, hate it, or it depends on the person. However, there is no way to disable read receipts on a per-chat basis. Also, there is a way to disable it altogether. By turning it off, you will not be able to view whether someone has read your sent messages, nor will anyone that share your messages be able to view when you open them. WhatsApp takes the all or nothing approach so that you can’t hide the indicators from your loved ones and expect to view when they open your messages too.

List most messaging services, WhatsApp has a read receipts feature that allows you to know when a recipient reads your message. However, if the feature isn’t liked by everyone, and if you feel like you’re being pressurized to respond to a message due to reading receipts. Then there’s a simple way to disable it in WhatsApp for Android.

How to Disable Read Receipts in WhatsApp for Android

You can also view the status of each WhatsApp by its checkmark. A single grey checkmark means it’s sent and the double grey ticks mean it was delivered to the recipient’s phone. However, when the checkmarks turn blue you’ll know that the recipient read your message.

If you don’t want read receipts, here’s how you can disable it:

Step 1:

Initially, Open WhatsApp from the app drawer or home screen.

Step 2:

Choose the action overflow menu (three vertical dots located on the top right corner).

Step 3:

Also, choose Settings.

Step 4:

Move to Accounts.

Step 5:

Press Privacy.

Step 6:

Now, toggle read receipts to off.

That’s all there is to it! Make sure once you disable read receipts, you won’t be able to view when others have read your messages. Also, there’s no other way to disable read receipts in group chats or play receipts for voice messages.


Here’s all about “Disable Read Receipt Whatsapp Android”. Do you want to disable it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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