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User Guide on How to Customize Mail On Apple Watch

Customize Mail On Apple Watch
Written by Hassan Abbas

Customize Mail On Apple Watch: While using your Apple Watch to check your emails in the Mail app. You can then want to make those most of the space on your screen. However, with some adjustments, you can select which accounts to display, how many lines you view in the preview, and much more.

Are you ready to take a few minutes to make the most of the Mail app on Apple Watch? If so, here’s how to customize it in both the Watch app on Apple Watch and iPhone itself.

Customize Mail in the Watch App

Well, Pop opens the Watch app on your iPhone. Click the My Watch tab, and choose Mail. You can also make the following adjustments.

Mirror or Custom:

You have the Mail app on your Watch mirror its settings for a notification from your iPhone by choosing Mirror my iPhone. But if you want different notification, click Custom and make your selection.

If you choose Custom, you’ll notice some extra settings open at the bottom. You can also allow the toggles to Load Remote Images, Ask Before Deleting, and Organize By Thread.


This section simply displays you the Mail accounts you have set up.

Include Mail:

Here is where you can select which Mail accounts you like to show on your Watch. You can also select to view flagged, unread, VIP emails by marking a check next to those choices.

If you move down to Accounts, you can click each of your Mail accounts and choose which folders or inboxes you like to view. This is quite handy if you like to limit what you view only some items.

Message Preview:

You can also select from None, 1 Line, or 2 Lines for your previews.

Default Replies:

However, if you want a quick way to reply to an email from your Apple Watch, you can set up a list of Default Replies.

Click Add reply at the bottom to add one or Edit at the top to remove or reorder your replies.


You can also use one signature for all accounts on Apple Watch. Just click in the signature box to add your text. Alternatively, you can leave the default signature which is “Sent from my Apple Watch”.

Customize Mail on Apple Watch

Here’s how to customize mail on Apple watch:

Step 1:

Once you open the Mail app directly on your Apple Watch, you can make some changes there as well. Although you cannot customize as many things, you can plan on the fly which mailboxes and folders to display.

Step 2:

Now Scroll to the bottom of the mailbox screen and click Edit.

Step 3:

Like the Watch app, you can select which Mail accounts to show along with VIPs, flagged, and unread items.

Step 4:

Click each account at the bottom to select which folders or inboxes to view.


While it’s usually simpler to share emails from your iPhone than your Apple Watch. However, having the Mail app on your wrist is still convenient. You can also ensure never miss an important email, set up instant replies to make things easier, and also decide which mailboxes you like to view.

Do you use the Mail app on your Apple Watch often? Do you find that you reply to many emails or just check your inboxes? Let us know in the comment section below!

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