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User Guide on How to Create Smart Groups in the Contacts App

Create Smart Groups in the Contacts app
Written by Hassan Abbas

If you want to create smart groups in the contacts app then you are at the right place. After using Smart Folders in Finder and Smart Playlists in Music, you’ll then like Smart Groups in Contacts. However, using Smart Groups, you adjust the criteria you like to use and then contacts that suit the criteria added to the group automatically. Then you can like to contact the whole group at once.

This is the best way to organize your contacts without manually having to add new contacts to an existing group each time. You can use it for business connections, family members, or even friends who join your inner circle.

To help you take advantage of this cool Mac Contacts app feature, here’s how to create Smart Groups.

How to Create Your Contacts Smart Group

If you want to set up a new Smart Group, just open the Contacts app on your Mac and then follow the steps carefully.

Step 1:

Tap File > New Smart Group from the menu bar.

Step 2:

After the small window opens, fill the fields of Smart Group Name using a label for your group.

Step 3:

Under the Contains cards that match the following condition section, you’ll input the criteria for the group.

Begin from the left and choose an option in the first drop-down box. You’ll then select from the choices like card, company, email, department, URL, and many more.

After you choose your choice, fill the fields to the right. And make sure, these fields vary slightly based on what you select on the first drop-down box.

For example, if you choose Company, you can then select Contains or Is and then input the company name on the right. However, if you select a date option, like Birthday, Anniversary, or Date, you can choose a wide range or number of days, weeks, or months.

Step 4:

If you want more than one set of criteria, tap the plus sign button on the right to add another. After adding the row, you’ll view a drop-down for Any or All. Here ‘Any’ means ‘any criteria can be met’. Also, ‘All’ means that all criteria must be met.

If you decide later to delete a set, just tap the minus sign button for that line on the right.

Step 5:

Once done, tap OK.

If you have contacts that match your latest Smart Group criteria. Then they’ll be added right away. However, you’ll then view your Smart Group in the left-hand sidebar at the bottom.

Contacts Smart Group ideas

As we discussed above, using Smart Groups is amazing for personal or business contacts. But if you can’t quite sure how to use the criteria, here are some recommendations.

Business groups

  • Choose Company + Contains or Is + input the company name
  • Pick Email + Contains + input the domain for emails coming from a certain business
  • Choose Department + Contains + enter a department name in your enterprise or another

And make sure, you use reverse criteria too.

Maybe you like a Smart Group having people from all other departments except yours. You could use Department + Is not + input your department name.

Personal groups

Here are the suggestions of some personal groups:

  • Family members: Choose Last + Is + enter the last name for your family
  • Friends with notes: Pick Notes + Contains + a word you always use in your contacts’ notes
  • People from your hometown: Choose CityState, or Zip + Contains also Is + input the city, state, or zip

Make sure, you can merge the criteria as we described above.

Maybe you like a Smart Group using people from your hometown area consists of some cities and areas. You can also use the City + Is + input the first city name. Also, add another row using the same criteria for the 2nd city name.


Here’s all about “Contacts Smart Group ideas”. Smart Groups, such as Smart Folders & Smart Playlists, can take plenty of work out of managing your app or getting the information you want to. Also, it takes a few minutes to set up a Smart Group. But once done, you’re set.

Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below!

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