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User Guide on How to Check Apple Watch Model

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Written by Hassan Abbas

Check Apple Watch Model: Wondering how to tell what Apple Watch model you have? Perhaps you’re not alone since many of Apple Watch models look the same. Don’t fret though, you can check which is which with a little help.

Besides Apple Watch Series 4, every year Apple refreshes its wearable it can’t make any large modifications to the way it seems. That’s good for design consistency and making your older Apple Watch looks current. However, it’s a challenge if you’re trying to check one model from another. Is it Apple Watch Series 1 or Apple Watch Series 3? What about Apple Watch Series 5 or Series 4? Both look the same, after all. Hopefully, there are chances and means to tell which Apple Watch you’re searching at, though.

The simplest and easiest way is to look at the Watch app on your iPhone. You’ll need to have your Apple Watch paired with your device for that to work but don’t fret. I9n this article we’re going to explain to you how to check which Apple Watch you have if it isn’t paired as well.

How to Identify Which Apple Watch Model You Have

Let’s start with the easiest way first.

Step 1:

Firstly, Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Step 2:

Click the “My Watch” tab and then click your Apple Watch.

Step 3:

Click “General,” then “About” and search for the line that says “Model.”

Step 4:

Click the number that starts with “M” and the latest number that starts with “A” will be uncovered. It’s your Apple Watch’s model number.

Step 5:

Also, compare that number with the numbers listed on Apple’s support website.

That’s the simplest way to check what Apple Watch model you have with the paired iPhone, but what if you don’t have it quite handy? You can also determine which Apple Watch model is which.

How to Tell What Apple Watch You Have via the Case

While having an Apple Watch that can’t pair with an iPhone, fear not.

The model number is attached to the back of your Apple Watch. Simply you find it by looking at the physical back of the Apple Watch.

After locating it, compare it with the model numbers listed again via Apple’s support website.

However, Apple’s support website will always be up-to-date using every Apple Watch model available. Contact Apple Support if the model number can’t match any listed, something isn’t quite right somewhere in that situation.

Make sure, Apple continues to add the latest features to Apple Watch via software updates so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for those. It’s a brilliant idea to boost those updates, too. Alternatively, you could be waiting quite a while for them to end it. Not all Apple Watch models can run the new watchOS launches. While updating watchOS to what your device can run is almost always a brilliant idea for performance, features, and privacy purposes.


Are you able to check your Apple Watch model? Let us know your thoughts about figuring out which Apple Watch in the comments section below.

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