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User Guide On How to Apply Text Effects in Microsoft Teams

Apply Text Effects in Microsoft Teams
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to Apply Text Effects in Microsoft Teams? Microsoft offers the best collaboration tool in the form of Teams. It features video and audio conferencing, file-sharing, end-to-end encryption, quick messaging, and real-time editing. Just like any collaboration tool, the commonly used feature on Teams will be none rather than the instant messaging tool, Also, it has its own set of indicators like repetitive push notifications, priority texts, and message tagging.

If you want to make some instant messaging on Microsoft Teams. Then you can advantage from learning some of the easy ways to edit and apply text effects while composing messages.

Turn On advanced text editor using Format Menu

The following article helps you to apply text effects while composing messages on Microsoft Teams.

Note: Before you begin applying text effects first you want to create a new chat or tap on an already existing chat or group thread. After choosing the chat you like to send a message to, tap on the Format icon located below the text box to expand it.

Also, use the simple keyboard shortcut to expand the compose box.

Ctrl/Command + Shift + X

Now your text box will expand with more formatting choices. You can also begin applying text effects to your message on Teams.

Text Formatting

Microsoft Formatting works in similar ways to how it might format documents on Google Docs or Microsoft Office. You can also italicize, bold, or underline the text by choosing the required text and tapping B, I, or U buttons respectively, as desired.

You can also do this after using the same keyboard shortcuts that you would generally use when editing documents.

Bold: Ctrl/Command + B
Italics: Ctrl/Command + I
Underline: Ctrl/Command + U

Strikethrough Text

You can also format texts using strikethrough to indicate currently removed information. You can also use this tool inside the Microsoft Teams to highlight text that is mistaken or has to be deleted. It can also be applied by choosing the required text and tapping the striked-S icon.

Highlight Text

If you want to help bring an important part of a message to the receiver’s attention. Then you can highlight texts while sending messages on Microsoft Teams. You can do so by choosing the text you like to highlight and tapping the ‘Text highlight color’ button from the text toolbar. Once you tap on the ‘Text highlight color’ button, you can select from ten various colors to highlight the chosen text.

If you mistakenly highlighted a text by, then you can undo it by choosing the marked text. Also, tapping the Text highlight color’ button and choosing ‘No highlight’.

Modify Font Size

Teams let you select between 3 font sizes while sending text messages to your colleagues i.e medium, large, and small. Also, tap on the Font size button and choose from the three font sizes before entering text or by choosing the required text.

Modify Font Color

Rather than highlighting, you can also modify the color of your texts by tapping the Font Color button in the formatting toolbar and choosing the required color. You can also select from ten various color choices or reverse back to the default choice by choosing the ‘Automatic’.

How To Use Rich Style: Heading 1/2/3

We all use basic formatting i.e Bold, Italics, and Underline to share documents and messages. Also, you can make your story-like sections in your message by including rich formatted texts.

Simply tapping the Rich style choice in the formatting toolbar and choosing any one of the following options for various parts of your message. These are Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Paragraph, and Monospaced.

Use Indents

You can also add intents to the difference between paragraphs on Teams by tapping the ‘Increase indent’ and ‘Decrease indent’ buttons in the formatting toolbar.

Add Lists

You can also create lists having both numbered and bullets, on Microsoft Teams. If you want to add a list just tap on either the ‘Numbered list’ or ‘Bulleted list’ buttons and add items in the form of a list.

Insert Quotes

You can lay stress on the excerpts of text after adding the Quote format to your texts on Teams. However, these can be used to bring attention to the important parts of your message. Also, the Quote button present in the formatting toolbar can be used to add quotes from outer sources to your story.

Insert Link

You can also insert links to the required texts by choosing the required text. Also, letting the ‘Insert link’ option, assigning the link and tapping the ‘Insert’ button.

Insert Horizontal Line

If you want to separate areas of your message, simply add horizontal lines. Click on the More options button present in the formatting toolbar and choose ‘Insert horizontal rule’.

Add Table

You can also add tables using any number of rows and columns inside Microsoft Teams.  If you want to add a table, just add it to the More options button using the formatting toolbar. Also, choose ‘Insert table’. Teams will prompt you to ask how many columns and rows you want on the table. Also, you can choose it from the grid that is available on the screen.

Clear Formatting

If you want to clear the format of the whole text. Simply tap the ‘Clear all formatting button’ from the formatting toolbar.


Here’s all about “Apply Text Effects in Microsoft Teams”. Did you like the above-mentioned ways to apply effects to texts on Microsoft Teams? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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