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User Guide On Hide Yourself On Zoom On Phone or PC

Hide Yourself On Zoom On Phone or PC
Written by Hassan Abbas

Hide Yourself On Zoom On Phone or PC: Zoom has seen an unequaled expansion in its userbase over the last few months. From all age groups users, professions, and communities all using the remote collaboration tool to keep their operations suspended during the lockdown period.

The platform is one of the most popular tools out there. From allowing you to schedule meetings to provide you the choice of using virtual backgrounds. However, there are lots of choices to play around with, each catering to your particular needs.

You can even play games on Zoom. It includes planning a Scavenger hunt or spending your time with fun games, trivia games, or drinking games.

As zooms also lie in its video calling or conferencing capabilities. Some users are more comfortable in video-less conferences. Yes, Zoom enables you to disable your video feed during or before a meeting. Also, they can replace it using a profile image of your choice.

Today, we’ll explain to you about hiding yourself in Zoom meetings and help you make your sessions as apparent as possible.

Advantages of video-less conferences

Besides your enterprises’ demands, video-less conferences can be a more efficient or economical way of work. As you probably know, a live video feed consumes lots of data. As it can be a genuine issue for people on a perfect data plan. In addition, cropping the video feed creates a more interruption-free, focused environment, enabling all members to focus on the task at hand.

Besides, you’re the host, you can’t control what other members select to share. It includes a video feed. However, even disabling for yourself also result in limited data consumption. Also, there can’t be an outgoing video feed to account for.

How to set a profile picture

Zoom enables you to disable your video feed during or before a meeting. Once done, immediately it turns off your video feed and exchanges it with your profile picture. So, it’s good if you set a profile picture, although it isn’t a must.

You can also disable the video without setting a profile picture, of course. Here are the different ways to disable the video and hide yourself on Zoom.

Hide Yourself On Zoom On Phone or PC

If you mistakenly missed the chance to disable your feed before a meeting. Then you still hide after it’s underway.

Just tap on the ‘Stop Video’ button present on the meeting dashboard. Once tap it will automatically show your profile picture rather than the video to all the members. This step works on both mobile or PC.

How to disable video feed before joining/hosting a meeting?

If you’re the host

If you are the meeting host. Then simply you can select to disable your video right from the start. Here’s how to:

On desktop

Click on the dropdown arrow located on the ‘New Meeting’ button on the app’s home screen. Then unmark the checkbox for the ‘Start with video’ choice.

On phone

Click on the ‘New Meeting’ button on the Zoom app home screen on your Android. On the other screen, simply toggle off the ‘Video On’ choice. Now, the Zoom app will use your profile image in the meeting.

If you’re an attendee

As an attendee of the Zoom app, you can also join a meeting without any video feed. Here’s how to:

On desktop

Tap on the Join button and then unmark the checkbox for the ‘Disable my video’ choice.

On phone

Tap the Join button located on the home screen of your Zoom app. You can then toggle off the ‘Disable My Video’ option. Once you join the meeting, Zoom will put up your profile image.

How to hide your video in the gallery view

Like other video calling tools Zoom, display a mini display of your video feed i.e My Video on your display.  However, it enables you to view how to look to other members. And while we can’t deny its importance. Also, we accept the fact that the screen real estate it consumes. So, if you want an improved view of the members and save a little data. Then remember to disable My Video.

Follow these steps carefully to do so:

Step 1:

Head over to a Zoom Meeting and start it.

Step 2:

Once your video feeds display up on your screen, right-tap on it.

Step 3:

From the resulting menu, tap on ‘Hide Myself.’

Uh! Your video will successfully be hidden from your screen.

How to show yourself

Step 1:

If you want to back up your feed. Just right tap on any members feed, and press the Show MySelf icon.

Step 2:

Also, to enable your video feed. Just click the Show Video button in the bottom bar.


Here’s all about “Hide Yourself On Zoom On Phone or PC”. Is this article helpful? What is your view about this? Let us know your thoughts, suggestions, and opinion in the comment down the section below. Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

Till then! Stay happy Stay Safe 😷

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