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User Guide On Get Hand Wash Alerts Using Android Smartwatch

Get Hand Wash Alerts Using Android Smartwatch
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to get Hand Wash alerts using the Android smartwatch? The Coronavirus — COVID-19 — widespread is easily one of the biggest competitors humanity has ever faced. Over 2 million already suffered worldwide, the pathogen isn’t displaying any signs of slowing down.

No vaccine developed yet, also it takes a few months to reach our homes. Hopefully, however, there is quite a straightforward measure we must take to keep ourselves and our families safe and secure.

Also, the Coronavirus can’t hold its own when challenging with regular soap water. Soap water heartlessly attacks and breaks the fatty layer that protects COVID-19’s cell, rendering it toothless. So, if you want to fight COVID-19, WHO suggests washing our hands thoroughly for a few seconds.

People who are not good at sticking to a routine face a tough time sticking to this new handwashing pattern. Hopefully, Google also comes up with an amazing feature for Wear OS users, which also prompts them to wash their hands at regular intervals.

What do you need

Google also made the service available for Wear OS users. However, if you are a Huawei or Galaxy Smartwatch Watch GT user, this guide can’t please you much. Here are the requirements as a bullet list, below.

  • A Wear OS smartwatch — Fossil watches, Skagen, TicWatch, Misfit Vapor
    • PSA: Current Huawei or Samsung watches might not running Wear OS
  • The Clock app on your watch, updated to model 5.4.0
  • A firm Bluetooth connection uisng your smartphone

How does it work

After updating the Wear OS smartwatch’s Clock app to model 5.4.0, the application sends you a notification to wash your hands with soap water. Simply click on the notification to begin the 40-second timer. When the timer expires, and you’ve successfully washed your hands with soap, the Clock app informs other notification would reach in three hours.

How to disable Wash Your Hands alerts

As we can’t help you to admire Google’s edge, we can understand how it could irritate some users, especially those sticking to their own schedule handwashing. If you are the one, we’re glad to inform that there’s quite a simple solution to resolve this trouble.

To turn off the notification, simply click and hold the handwash notification and turn off. The Clock app would stop displaying the notification.

The app is used to remind you to drink water at regular time intervals and make yourself hydrated. But also you can customize it and use it for a good purpose. Also, you should regularly wash your hands.


Here’s all about “Get Hand Wash Alerts Using Android Smartwatch”. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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