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User Guide On Bypass & Hack Zoom’s 40-Minute Limit

bypass & hack Zoom’s 40-Minute limit
Written by Hassan Abbas

Have you ever tried to bypass & hack Zoom’s 40-Minute limit? The US-based remote conferencing platform, Zoom appears as a lifeguard for lots of enterprises over the last month. The government also force lockdown measures to stay in place for a remarkable time. So also the users that are not willing slowly covering their heads around calling a virtual meeting place their office conference room.

Hopefully, the platform can’t take the attention it has received, and still, it offers some of its amazing features to ordinary users as well. After getting a premium subscription opens lots of new avenues, of course. But not all enterprises are capable of getting a premium license, especially when such a prevalent tightening its grip.

Zoom’s rising userbase remains populated with a huge number of free-licensed users. Also, this section serves specifically to those who are facing a tough time adjusting to the latest surroundings. So, without much ado, come let’s get to it.

What is the 40-min restriction?

As mentioned, Zoom offers many of its amazing features to free users. But there’s a strict limitation in place when it comes to Zoom Meetings. However, the conferences you take on Zoom. While having a free license, simply keep your meetings under 30-40 minutes. When the timer expires, the meeting automatically ends, throwing all members out of the meeting room.

Paid users, alternatively, can’t bound by this limitation. Their meetings can also run a full day, with up to 1000 members.

However, make sure that Zoom can’t put a limitation on the number of meetings you’re enabled to host.

What to do after the 40-minute cutoff?

According to Zoom, you have two choices when your valuable 40 minutes run out.

Start a new meeting:

As there is no limitation on any number of meetings you’re permission to host. The simplest fix is to begin a new meeting with the same members. Remember not to invite 100 members to your meeting, as you want then be exceeding the cutoff.

Upgrade to Pro:

If you start a small business, with enough money to in a premium Zoom membership. Then the Pro license is specifically designed for small business owners. They are serving up to 100 members. The package begins at $14.99 per month, per host.

Methods: The unofficial way

However, if you like to take the road less taken, then there’s an unofficial way to avoid the 40-minute cutoff. It’s not the most experienced solution, but it works well.

The method can’t work for quick meetings. So, you want to schedule your meetings to make this work.

Part 1

Tap on the Zoom desktop client then sign in using your free-account documents. After return back to your dashboard, tap on Schedule. Once the Scheule choices reach, view the details and set the Calendar to Others. Also, remember don’t use your Personal Meeting ID and create a random Zoom Meeting ID. Once done, tap on Schedule. Another screen will display all the info about the meeting you simply scheduled. Simply, copy the Meeting ID and password — Invite link — and share it with the members.

Part 2

When you approach the 40-minute deadline, you’ll then get a timer on your screen, saying the impending cutoff. Now, the host wants to leave the meeting — not End for All — and ask other members to join, again, after using the invite you sent earlier. Once done perfectly, the trick will purchase you another 40-minute window.

Repeat the whole process to get many free passes as you want.

Also, make sure that this is quite a handy tip only available for Mac or Windows desktop client users. Web and Android Zoom users can’t leave out.

Special offer for Education Institutes

The coronavirus outbreak force the world to come to a standstill. Also, it considers that social distancing is the only solution, all enterprises trying to experience their day-to-day from home offices. Many schools, colleges, and universities have had it worse than others, as most of these enterprises don’t have the monetary fix to afford premium licenses. So, to help others, Zoom has excluded the 40-minute limit for all schools affected by COVID-19.

If your schools are trying to reach students in this difficult situation. Make sure to get your school verified. Tap on this link to begin the verification process. However, you must know that your school has a registered domain, as the other domains, like Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook aren’t eligible.

Alternative Method: Jitsi Meet

While there are lots of other players in the market. They can hold a candle to this, open-source, free video platform: Jitsi Meet. The platform might not offer innovative services like Zoom, but it has lots of its favor as well.

For beginners, Jitsi Meet has doesn’t have a limit— neither the number of members nor time — on free video conferences. Also, it doesn’t ask you to make an account, is fully encrypted, and has lots of powerful open-source Jitsi addons. Tap on this link to learn more about it.


Here’s all about “Bypass & Hack Zoom’s 40-Minute Limit”. Is this article helpful? What is your view about this? Let us know your thoughts, suggestions, and opinion in the comment down the section below. Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

Till then! Stay happy Stay Safe 😷

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