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User Guide On Assign Name Voice Memos Using Your Location On iOS Devices

Name Voice Memos Using Your Location
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to name voice Memos using your location on iOS devices? While using the Voice Memos app when you conduct interviews, travel, or when you’re in various other spots, you probably appreciate the location-based naming feature.

Rather than your recordings using the default names allocated or want to rename them later. Simply you have them named with your recent location. This is quite handy for those above-mentioned situations also if you still want to rename them later, you can then read our full guide.

Come let’s check how to automatically use location-based names for your Voice Memos.

Name Voice Memos with your location

  • Turn On location-based names in Voice Memos on iPhone and iPad
  • Turn On location-based names in Voice Memos on Mac
    • Check Location Services
    • Turn On the Feature
  • Having Issue?

Turn On location-based names in Voice Memos on iPhone and iPad

If you name your Voice Memos that is based on your location. You want to have Location Services turned on for the app. This is the very first step to double-check and simply do it from the same screen where you’ll turn on the feature.

Step 1:

Head over to Settings and choose Voice Memos.

Step 2:

From the top, Location Settings must be set to While Using (the App). Once it’s set to Never tap and modify it.

Step 3:

Then move under the Voice Memos settings screen and turn on the toggle for Location-based Naming.

Now move to the Voice Memos app and test your modification!

Turn On location-based names in Voice Memos on Mac

You also want to remember your Location Services are turned on for Voice Memos on your Mac. But you can also do this separately from turning on the feature.

Check Location Services

Step 1:

Head over to System Preferences using the icon in the Dock or Apple icon > System Preferences from the menu bar.

Step 2:

Also, Choose Security & Privacy and tap the Privacy tab.

Step 3:

Select Location Services on the left. From the right, remember the Enable Location Services box is marked.

Step 4:

Move through the apps to view if Voice Memos is enabled.

  • If it is, you can move down to turn on the Feature.
  • If it’s not, tap the padlock located on the bottom left corner. Simply input your password, and then mark the box for Voice Memos in the list.
  • Once you check that Location Services are enabled for Voice Memos. Now it’s time to turn 0n the feature!

Enable the feature

Head over to Voice Memos on your Mac and tap Voice Memos > Preferences from the menu bar. Now check the box for Location-based Naming.

Then, provide your new naming convention a try!

Having trouble?

If you move through the above steps and your Voice Memos are still being named with the default naming convention, then you’re not alone.

As the feature works well on my iPad or Mac, I can’t get it to work on my iPhone.

I’ve to go through the steps several times, disable them, enable them, restarted my iPhone, and also uninstalled and reinstalled the Voice Memos app from the App Store to no avail.


Here’s all about “Name Voice Memos Using Your Location “. Location-based naming for Voice Memos is the best feature while using the app in different places. Whether in various buildings for work, spots for interviews, or traveling for business, is the best feature.

What are your thoughts and suggestion on your Voice Memos being named based on your location? Let us know your thoughts in the comment sections below!

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