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Guide on How user can change layout of inbox in Mail on Mac

Written by Hassan Abbas

With macOS Catalina, Apple made a trade to the format within the Mail on Mac. The traditional format has been updated and also you not have that alternative inside your Mail on Mac layout. However, you may alternate in which you notice the previews and whether or not or not you want to apply a column layout. We’ll show you a way to make those preferences and change the layout of your inbox in the Mail app on Mac.

Different Mail Preferences

If you open the settings for your Mail app on Mac (Mail > Preferences from the menu bar) and head to the Viewing tab where the classic layout alternative as soon as became, you’ll be aware it’s not there. And the alternatives that got here with that format are long gone too, but now reachable from the menu bar.

To Show To/CC label in the message listing or Show contact pics within the message list, simply click View from the menu bar and mark one or each of the alternatives. Note that the “display touch picture” option does not currently work if you use the column layout (defined below).

Change your inbox layout

If you’re no longer keen on the traditional format or would like to make moderate changes, here are multiple options.

Change the preview region

With Mail open, click on View > Show Side Preview from the menu bar. You’ll then see your familiar preview on the right side of mail instead of at the bottom.

Change the column format

On the other hand, if you’re first-class along with your previews on the bottom, however don’t like the column view you notice on the top, you could trade that without difficulty too. Click View > Use Column Layout to uncheck it.

This lets you see the number of traces you pick out inside the Mail Preferences as earlier than.


Whatever format you want the best for your inbox in Mail on Mac, you may make it show up with a few clicks. So if you’ve been a bit misplaced with the way to do it since you upgraded to macOS Catalina, with any luck this quick tutorial helps.

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