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Use Galaxy S10 Wireless PowerShare – How to

Wireless PowerShare on the Galaxy S10
Written by Hassan Abbas

Use Galaxy S10 Wireless PowerShare: Samsung has lots of cool new features called Wireless PowerShare where the Galaxy S10 can wirelessly charge other devices. However, it is quite possible to charge another smartphone wirelessly. The features enable the S10 to charge accessories like the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch Active.

Compatible Devices

Currently, Wireless PowerShare is available on the following Samsung phones:


  • S10E
  • S10
  • S10 Plus

We also know that Samsung’s Galaxy Fold will also support the feature when it releases at the end of April.

All You Need to Know:

The Samsung Galaxy S10 wants to have a charge of 30% or higher for Wireless PowerShare to work. Also, the features are automatically turn off if you drop below that.

Wireless PowerShare charges at 4.5W at all times. Yes, it’s quite slow. But make sure that Samsung manages the heat created by wireless charging and there’s a battery under the charging coil.

The Galaxy S10 will charge any Qi-compatible accessory or smartphone. However, All iPhone models, the most recent Pixel models and earlier Samsung Galaxy phones are all Qi-compatible.

How to Use Wireless PowerShare on the Galaxy S10

Follow the steps carefully to use Wireless PowerShare on Galaxy S10:

Step 1:

Firstly, pull down the notification panel by scrolling down from the top of the screen.

Step 2:

Also, Swipe down once again to uncover the full set of quick toggles.

Step 3:

Choose Wireless PowerShare.

Step 4:

Follow the on-screen instructions to begin charging another device using Wireless PowerShare.

While using Wireless PowerShare to charge another phone, remember that both devices are placed to each other. But for the Galaxy Buds, simply leave the case on the back of the device and it should begin charging. However, you’ll hear a notification tone whenever a connection is built.

As you’re also using the Galaxy S10 to charge another device. But make sure it is acceptable charged first before you begin. After the battery level falls below 30%, you can’t use the feature. That said, you’ll also be able to charge other devices once you plugged the phone in, essentially turning the S10 into a wireless charging mat.


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