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Use Galaxy Buds with Amazon Fire TV Stick

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Written by Hassan Abbas

The Amazon Fire TV stick is a great device that can turn any smart TV into an Android TV. It comes pre-loaded with a plethora of applications that can be used to consume all kinds of media. Thanks to the dedicated remote, you can control several aspects of your TV with ease be it the volume, applications, keyboard, settings and so on. In this article, we are about to tell you to Use Galaxy Buds with Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Another tool that lets you achieve similar functionality is Google’s Chromecast. This allows you to directly project your smartphone screen onto the TV. You can then control media playback using the onboard controls that will be presented on your smartphone. This will virtually turn your smartphone into a remote control that can be used to play, pause, seek and even rewind the media that is being currently played on your TV.

However, using these services can sometimes end up being cumbersome. Are you having trouble pairing your Galaxy Buds to your Firestick or Chromecast connection? Then you have landed on the perfect webpage. We have compiled a comprehensive guide that should help you establish a seamless connection between your Galaxy Buds and either the Fire TV Stick or Chromecast. Let us start this.

Connect Galaxy Buds to the Fire TV Stick?

Yes. Connecting the Galaxy Buds to your Amazon Fire TV Stick should be a fairly simple process. If you are having any trouble, you can follow our step by step guide below.

  • Turn on your TV and navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab using the Fire Stick remote. You should be able to find it in the top navigation bar on your screen.
  • Now select ‘Controllers & Bluetooth devices’.
  • Once you are in the submenu, select ‘Other Bluetooth devices’ and confirm your selection using the remote.
  • Now simply open your charging case for the Galaxy Buds.

Note: Ensure that your Samsung Galaxy buds are placed in the charging case.

  • Your Galaxy Buds should now show up in the ‘Other devices’ menu of your Fire TV Stick. Simply select it and wait for the pairing to complete.
    Your Galaxy Buds should now be connected to your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Note: It will not be possible to control the volume on your Galaxy Buds using the Fire Stick or TV remote. You can adjust the volume by first connecting it to an Android device and then subsequently connecting it to your Fire Stick.

Can you connect Galaxy Buds to Chromecast?

No. Chromecast does not actually have built-in Bluetooth protocols that can support connection with third-party devices. You can opt for a third-party Bluetooth transmitter for your TV that will provide it with Bluetooth functionality. This will allow you to pair your Galaxy Buds to the TV and route audio seamlessly to them.

Note: Because both of these connections will be wireless, you might end up encountering severe latency issues. It would be a good idea to test a Bluetooth transmitter in-store before making the purchase online.


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