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Use Full Screen Lyrics & Controls In iPadOS 14

Use Full Screen Lyrics
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to use full-screen lyrics and controls in iPadOS 14? If you want to enjoy listening to music on your iPad or iPhone. Then there might be an occasion when you want to sing along. You can also click to open and view the lyrics in real-time but in a smaller window. Using iPadOS 14, that has modified.

You can also view your time-synced lyrics in full-screen mode or the playback options for the song. These changes make listening to your most favorite music and artists even better. Here’s how to turn on the full-screen lyrics, check out our list queue, and manage playback in Music on iPad.

View The Lyrics with a Click

When a song is playing on your iPad. Simply click it under the screen. Rather than opening in a smaller mini-player window, you’ll then view it covers your screen.

You’ll then view that little icon that you can click to view the lyrics. However, those lyrics can automatically take up your whole screen in portrait view. Also, it makes them simpler or easier to read and follow along.

After using your iPad in landscape view, the real-time lyrics are big or nice on the right side with playback choices on the left.

Easy playback control

Music in iPadOS14

Well, with the lyrics for the recent song in a full-screen view, so are your controls when you’re in portrait mode. This enables you more easily to play, rewind, pause, or adjust the volume.

As mentioned earlier, if you’re in landscape view, you’ll then view the large controls to the left of the lyrics. Once you hide the lyrics after clicking the icon, your controls are dead center.

Wipe playing next

You can also view see what’s up next whenever you enter in full-screen mode with playback or lyrics. Simply click the button under the right to view your queue.

You can move back to your main Music screen anytime after swiping down from the top of the current song.


Having real-time lyrics fills your display screen can make singing with your favorite tunes that much better.  After having a pal singing with you, you’ll both get the words right with a larger view.

What do you think about this article? Are you glad to have the lyrics and playback controls bigger on your Apple Music display screen? Let us know in the comment section below!

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