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Use AirDrop on iPhone, iPad & Mac [to send files]

Use AirDrop on iPhone
Written by Hassan Abbas

Use AirDrop on iPhone: A new Mac user AirDrop may be completely new to you. It lets you transfer items like photos and files to nearby Apple devices wirelessly. So you can quickly send a photo to your friend or file to your family member.

To use AirDrop within range, using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and that your recipient can receive your item.

To help you out, our guide shows you what you need to do and how to use AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

AirDrop Requirements

AirDrop uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for receiving and sending items. So remember that you and your recipient have these turned on. While using a Personal Hotspot, you’ll need to disable it. Apple recommends the devices be within 30 feet (nine meters) of each other.

Receiving with AirDrop

While receiving with AirDrop on iOS, you can set to accept items from Contacts Only, Everyone, or Receiving Off.

While sending it to another person then they have you as a contact with an email address or mobile number if they use Contacts Only. Otherwise, change it to Everyone.

If you’re the one receiving an item. Make sure, you can adjust the Contacts Only, Everyone, and Receiving Offsetting at any time in Settings > General > AirDrop.

Not only this but you can also change your AirDrop receiving setting from the Control Center. Just choose the network card, click and hold the AirDrop icon, and make your selection.

On Mac, you can choose AirDrop in your Finder sidebar or by tapping Go > AirDrop from the menu bar. A window appears, tap the Allow me to be discovered by an arrow at the bottom and choose from No One, Contact Only, or Everyone.

When someone sends you an item via AirDrop, you’ll see a preview of the item and the choices to Accept or Decline.

While accepting an item on iOS, it will appear in an app per the item type. For instance, a photo appears in the Photos app and an app link will appear in the App Store. On Mac, the item will go into your Downloads folder.

Sending with AirDrop

You can also send items using the Share options on your device. When you tap or click the Share button, AirDrop will show and you’ll see the nearby devices you can send the item to. Just select the one you want and you’ll see when it’s Sending and Sent.

On your Mac, you can also use the AirDrop window. Just open AirDrop using Finder and drop an item onto the device you want to send it to in the window.


An AirDrop is an awful tool for quick transfers. Whether you send or receive items or use it to send things to your other devices, AirDrop makes it easy.

Give it a try and let us know in the comment section below!

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