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Updates on Windows 10 Forbid Shutting Down the Computer

Updates on Windows 10
Written by Hassan Abbas

The new update of Windows 10 disabled the ability to install the update and shut down the computer. If earlier, after downloading and unpacking the cumulative or major update of the system, it was required to reboot or turn off the device to install it.

If before you could just turn off the computer and postpone the update at a later date, now everything is a little different. Install updates with a reboot or install updates with the PC turned off. In addition, there were opportunities to exit or change the user, as well as sleep or hibernation.

Updates on Windows 10

Updates on Windows 10

It’s possible that the whole fault is the new update functionality in the new version of Windows 10. Within the framework of which, updates are already beginning to be installed before restarting or shutting down the PC to reduce the time when the computer installs updates.

On the other hand, in the test builds of Windows 10 Redstone 5, there is still the option of shutting down the PC with active updates of pending installations.

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At this point, the best solution is if the update is ready for installation, and the computer needs to be turned off by forcing it to shutdown via the button.

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