Updated Magisk successfully masks Root from Fortnite

Written by Hassan Abbas

To play the most popular game is now possible on devices with superuser rights. But I have to install Magisk Canary, Popular utility Magisk has received a new alpha version, which allows hiding the superuser rights from Fortnite and Fate/Grand Order. The essence of this program just the same is to disguise the presence of Root-rights from applications, but until recently, the games described above could not be deceived.

Some applications scan devices and verify that they have superuser privileges. If the system has access to the root partition, then the games and programs simply do not start – this is done to protect the product from hacking (via Lucky Patcher, Freedom, and similar utilities).


Developed by the user XDA-Developers under the topjohnwu nickname, the Magisk application hides the presence of the Root, but Fortnite and Fate / Grand Order still reliably identified the superuser’s rights. Apparently, in addition to the standard SafetyNet Attestation API from Google, the above games use their own device verification methods. Developer topjohnwu disclosed the principle of their work.

At the moment, only the latest build of Magisk Canary (alpha version) hides Root-access from Fortnite and Fate/Grand Order. It probably contains a lot of bugs and errors, which is why it is not recommended for use by ordinary gamers.

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To install the latest version of Magisk Canary, you need to do the following:

  1. Open the Magisk Manager and go to the Settings.
  2. Find the “Update Channel” item and change it to “Custom”.
  3. Paste the following link in the URL input box: https: // (without a space between https: // and the link)
  4. Restart the Magisk Manager application and install Magisk Canary

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