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How to Uninstall Discord on Windows

Uninstall Discord on Windows
Written by Kelly Houstan

Since its launch in 2015, the Discord application has been regularly used via gamers for communication purposes since it is user-friendly and straightforward as well. The advantage of using Discord is that it enables users in order to chat over voice or text to folks no matter what corner of the world they live in. Discord was basically developed for easy communication between individuals however, playing PC games together. The service permits clients to create servers, that consist of a variety of text and voice channels as well. A typical server may also have flexible chat rooms for particular themes (such as, “General chat” and “Music discussion”). As well as voice channels for games or activities. Just read this article to know all about How to Uninstall Discord on Windows. Let’s begin!

In spite of all these features, uninstalling the Discord application is a sensible choice. If you decide to switch over to other platforms. Furthermore, there is no use in keeping a rarely used program in your system. However, Discord is a stubborn program as many users have complained that this application cannot be uninstalled sometimes even after multiple attempts.

Sometimes it may appear that Discord has been uninstalled, but it still lurks on the PC in some other file location— unknown to the user. Hence, when they attempt to delete Discord, it shows no file in the mentioned location. So, if you guys are looking to uninstall Discord, then you guys are at the right place. We now bring to you a perfect guide that will help you in order to delete discord from the Windows 10 PC.

Common issues users face while uninstalling Discord:

  • Discord basically starts automatically despite all of its documents, folders, and also registry keys having been deleted.
  • Also, discord can’t be found on the programs list of Windows Uninstallers as well.
  • Discord can’t be moved to Recycle Bin as well.
  • Associated files as well as extensions of the program still show up on the internet browser after uninstalling it.

In order to stay away from these potential issues during the deletion. Then you guys should take reliable action along with complete steps in order to completely uninstall Discord on Windows 10.

How to Uninstall Discord on Windows

If you guys are looking to disable Discord auto-run then you don’t have to uninstall Discord from your system. Just s simply follow the below steps:

Through Task Manager

  • Tap on Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys together in order to launch Task Manager.
  • Now just switch to the Startup tab in the Task Manager.
  • Then search for Discord in the list then tap on it. When Discord is highlighted, tap on the Disable button.
  • This will basically disable the auto-run of the Discord application on Windows startup.

Through Discord Settings

Just open Discord then navigates to User Settings > Windows Settings. Then disable the toggle for ‘Open Discord‘ that is under System Startup Behaviour. If you still want to uninstall Discord on Windows 10 PC, and then follow the below methods.

Uninstall Discord From Apps & Features

  • Tap on Windows Key + S to bring up the search menu then type Apps in the search.
  • Now, just tap on the first option, Apps & features.
  • Then search for Discord in the list and choose Discord.
  • At last, click on Uninstall.

This will actually uninstall Discord on your Windows 10 PC, however, even after uninstallation. There are still some leftover files of Discord cache that are present on your system. If you guys want to delete the Discord cache from the system, just follow the below steps:

  • Tap on the Windows Search box and then type %appdata%.
  • Tap on Open from the right-hand side window. This will basically open the AppData/Roaming folder. 
  • Now under the Roaming folder, find and tap on the Discord folder.
  • Right-click on the Discord folder and then choose delete from the context menu.
  • Now, open the Search box (Press Windows Key + S) again and then just type %LocalAppData%. Tap on Open from the right-hand side window.
  • Just find the Discord folder under the AppData/Local folder. Then right-click on the Discord folder and choose Delete. 
  • Then restart your system and now discord files will be deleted.

Uninstall Discord From Control Panel

  • Just on the far left of Windows 10’s taskbar, tap on the search icon.
  • Then type Control Panel as your search input.
  • Now navigate to Programs followed via Programs and Features.
  • Then, use the search panel and also find Discord in the menu list.
  • There, click on Discord and choose Uninstall as depicted below.

Uninstall Discord on Windows

Even if you guys uninstall discord from Control Panel. Now it is still visible under Apps & features. Just follow the below steps in order to delete discord from Apps & features.

Delete Discord from the Registry

When you delete the Discord cache, you hae to delete the Discord Registry keys from the Registry Editor.

  • Tap on Windows Key + S in order to bring up the Windows search then type regedit and tap on Open. 
  • Open the Registry Editor and then follow this path:
  • Now right-click on the Discord folder and then delete it.
  • Just restart your computer in order to save changes.

Fix Unable to Uninstall Discord on Windows 10

1. Run an Antivirus scan

Some types of malware might be avoiding you from uninstalling programs from your PC. This may also be because they install malicious tools themselves on your PC.

These malware tools makes sure that the user cannot delete the programs you guys have installed on your PC. In order to solve this problem, run a full system antivirus scan. When the antivirus scan is done, these malware tools are disabled. And henceyour computer becomes capable of deleting Discord files from your system.

2. Use the Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter

The Microsoft team is also aware of the fact that install and uninstall issues are really common. Thus they have created a tool called Program Install and Uninstall tool as well.

Hence, if you guys face any challenges whenever uninstalling the Discord application from your system. Just download and just launch Microsoft Program Install and Uninstall tool.

How to Delete Discord Account

In order to delete your Discord account, you must move the ownership of the servers you own. If you guys try to delete your account before doing so, a warning will then show up. As soon as you guys move the ownership of the servers. Then you will be able to proceed along with the Discord account deletion.

  • You have to open Discord and then click on the Gear icon (Settings) from the bottom-left corner.
  • Then from the left-hand menu just tap on My Account under User Settings.
  • Now unde My Account, scroll to the bottom, and tap on the Delete Account button.
  • Then a confirmation window will pop up, requesting your password. Just type your Discord account password and tap on the Delete Account button again.

And that’s all for this problem! When you do that, your account will be in a Pending deletion state and will delete in 14 days. If you guys try to log in to the account within these 14 days, a dialog box will then pop up, asking if you want to restore your account.

  • Tapping, I am sure! will keep your account still in this state.
  • Clicking Restore Account will basically stop the deletion process, and your account will restore.

When the account delete, the user can no longer access his Discord account. The profile will then set to default, and the username will be changed to Deleted User #0000.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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