Unexpected Apple Presentation Shifted OnePlus 6T Announcement

OnePlus 6T
Written by Hassan Abbas

It is unlikely that some company will want to present a new gadget on the day when the presentation of Apple. OnePlus is no exception.  The company OnePlus shifted the presentation of the smartphone OnePlus 6T, which was announced in early October. The reason for this was the sudden holding of an event from Apple, which Apple Corporation reported on October 18. According to the updated graphics, OnePlus will show its new flagship on October 29 (and not 30, as originally planned).

At the beginning of the month, OnePlus intended to present its new smartphone at the presentation, which was to be held on October 30 at 11 am in New York. However, on the 18th, Apple announced that it would hold its event on the same day in the same city and almost at the same time (at 12 o’clock in the morning). After consulting with journalists and the community, the OnePlus management decided to postpone their presentation to October 29 (leaving the venue and time to the same).

OnePlus 6T

The Chinese company decided that the presentation of the American corporation would eclipse the announcement of OnePlus 6T – authoritative publications would prefer to send their journalists to the event from Apple, and news about the release of new Apple devices will block information about the updated flagship OnePlus. This was told by the head of the company Pete Lau (Pete Lau) in a message on the official forum.

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The Chinese corporation OnePlus realizes that a change in the present date will have a negative impact on journalists who have purchased tickets to another country or state and booked hotels for its sake. The company will reimburse them for material damage by paying for new flights and hotel reservations. For those journalists who are no longer able to get to the event due to the changed date, OnePlus will reimburse the costs for tickets already purchased and booked hotels.

Recall that the OnePlus 6T will be the successor to the current flagship OnePlus 6. If you believe the leaks, it will get a frameless display with a cut-out for front sensors and advanced stuffing. Unfortunately, many, the smartphone will lose the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Apple is expected to introduce a relatively frameless iPad Pro tablet with a face scanner, a new budget Macbook 12 (which should replace the Airline notebooks) and update the Mac mini.

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