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Unemployed? Google Jobs helps find work in even more markets

Written by Hassan Abbas

About a year ago, Google debuted in the US a tool that allowed its search engine users to find jobs quickly and simply.

This resource is now disembarking in India, and should especially help newly graduates, who leave college eager for an employment opportunity.

The offerings range from more than one million vacancies offered by more than 90,000 employers in the Indian market in the most diverse positions – from internships to management positions.

Google JobsTo achieve this diversity of offers, Google has partnered with several platforms such as LinkedIn, OLX, Love Mondays,, and

The version released for India, inclusive, has several filters that can help the candidate to focus only on specific vacancies, with a location of their own, a particular type of contract or a specific title.

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But the Indian version of Google Jobs is not yet complete: it is not possible, for example, to filter out offers for salary, as we can do in the US.

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Source: Techverses

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