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Typing Apps For Mac: Boost Your Typing Speed

Written by Hassan Abbas

Typing Apps For Mac: Typing is one of the most essential skills that everyone needs. Whether you use it for composing emails, writing different articles per day or chatting with someone. We all need to know how to type.

The best you are at typing, the faster you can get things done and the more accurate your result will be. So for adults as well as children, to boost their skills or learn the basics, here are the best free typing apps for your Mac.

Typing Apps For Mac

Typing Apps for Adults

These typing apps are more suitable for adults because they focus on lessons besides colors and themes. But if you have older kids, you can both practice your skills.



Typist offers multiple lessons and instructions to teach you to type, level up your speed and accuracy, and practice again and again.

Just begin by selecting a standard course, review, or drill. Each course offers different lessons within the exercise from learning key locations to typing full sentences.

With each exercise, you’ll see a brief view of the lesson. When you end up, view your keystrokes per minute, typing speed, and error ratio. This is the best way to better yourself and know where you need to concentrate. Check out Typist on the App Store.

Keyboard Virtuoso Light


Keyboard Virtuoso Light teaches you typing through repetition but that’s the good way to learn or practice typing.

You can also view the correct fingers to use and keys to hit with a colorful display. See your average rhythm, average speed, types of characters, number of bugs, and process time with a total letter score.

Keyboard Virtuoso Light offers 20 exercises and ten lessons for free. This full version of Keyboard Virtuoso includes 300 lessons for $3.99.


Typesy-app-Mac-1536x1109 (1)

Typesy is another great educational typing app that offers courses and games. You can earn points, view your progress, and also watch your skills improve over time.

See your mastery, speed, accuracy, and typing level. Then continue through the courses which focus on the keyboard rows with drills and games. You can also move onto mastering numbers and symbols.

Typesy is available with few courses so that you can try it out. If you like it, take a brief view of the premium account choice which gives you endless courses, games, and full reports.

Typing apps for kids

While the following free Mac typing apps are delivered towards children using fun themes, colors, and characters, adults can take advantage of them too!

Typing Fingers LT


Follow Dennis as he shows you how to sit and position your body and hands. Then imitate learning. Here you’ll see a colorful onscreen keyboard displaying key locations with written and narrated descriptions as you move along.

Dennis teaches you along with each lesson and when you complete it, you can take the test to try out your new skills. Do good and you’ll unlock the next lesson.

Typing Fingers LT is an entertaining app for kids to learn how to type with colorful animations and game-like experience. It’s also a fun way for adults to increase their own typing skills.

Animal Typing – Lite


Animal Typing is a refreshing typing app for kids. Using its theme, you’ll see how fast you’re typing by the kind of animal you see. You can see the speed and accuracy after each lesson and earn stars for how well you’re doing.

You can also select whether or not to show the onscreen keyboard, use Qwerty, Qwertz, or Dvorak layouts, turn the sound on or off and use the app in full-screen mode.

Animal Typing – Lite is a cute typing tool that you’re little starting typists will love.

The Vehicles Typing


If your child would on the highway than to the jungle, then take a look at The Vehicles Typing on Mac. As you drive down the road, you’ll snap the balloons with the letters on the keyboard. How fast can you go? At the last of the lesson, when time is up, you’ll see your speed and accuracy.

They include basic home row and upper stage letters for free. If your child loves the app, you can buy the full version which provides you the rest of the keys, characters, and sentences for a fun-filled typing practice.

Vehicles Typing is an excellent and amazing way to enhance typing skills with a colorful revved up theme and animations.


Using these free typing apps for Mac, both adults and little ones can learn or boost their keyboarding skills. Which one you really like? Let us know in the comment section below!

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