Twitter adds a new option to save data in their App

Written by Hassan Abbas

Even if it’s too late, many successful application developers are realizing that a lot of their users live in countries where the broadband connection on mobile devices is very limited. The latest update of Twitter gives a good account of this by adding a new option that allows you to enable all the data saving options in the terminal at once.

This new option is in Settings and privacy> General> Data usage> Data saver. By checking this option, the videos that appear in our timeline will not be played automatically and the attached images will be loaded in low quality. In any case, from the same sub-menu, you can configure these modifications separately, delimiting them according to whether we are connected through mobile data connections or WiFi networks.


Obviously, it is not a replacement for the useful Lite version of Twitter, which is an adaptation of the web version is still much lighter and the synchronization of data in the background is not as aggressive as in the original. Even so, this last one can also be modified in the Use of the data section, because in the lower part of the menu we can uncheck the synchronization and the time interval in which the information will be refreshed.

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