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Twitch Username Checker – How to Check the Availability

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Written by Kelly Houstan

Whenever you guys join Twitch, the first thing you think about is the username as well. Everyone will see it and folks will remember you via it. So, what you guys want is to have that awesome and unique username. When people sign up for the first time, they actually select a username as well. Just read this article to know all about Twitch Username Checker – How to Check the Availability.

If you guys have a new awesome idea for a username, then you should check if it’s available. That’s exactly where this guide comes in as well. We will show you how you guys can check if the username you like is currently taken or not actually. 

Now, before we even get into the guide, there is also something that we want to mention first. There are basically two ways you can see if that username is taken. The first option is through signing up to the Twitch platform for the very first time. And the second is through changing your current username from your profile settings. 

So, let’s now get right to it. Here is what you should do if you want to check if the username you guys like is available. 

Method 1 | twitch username checker

The first option is actually to sign up for Twitch. If you do not have an account and you want to join the community. Then you can always go to the website as well. The first buttons on the top-right corner are “Sign up” and “Log in” actually. If you don’t have an account, then you will have to create one first. Tap on the “Sign up” button and write the username that you want. 

Username Isn’t Available

When the username you type is not available, then you guys will see this red button on the right side of the screen. Twitch will also notify you under the name too. This means that you have to come up along with a new one.

Username Is Available

Whenever the username you type is available, you will see this green checkmark on the right side of the screen as well. This actually means that you can use the username you just came up with it.

Method 2 | twitch username checker

The second option is through changing your current username on Twitch. In order to do that, you head to the “Settings” and “Profile Settings”. Here you guys can also change the username. 

Username Isn’t Available

When the new username you guys type isn’t available, Twitch will notify you along with a message. This message will appear on top of the new username as well.

Username Is Available

Whenever the new username you just created is available, a green checkmark will also appear on the right side of the window. This actually means that you can update the username if you guys want to keep the new name.

How to select the best username for a new account in Twitch?

First of all, check your real name or surname or combination of both for use as a username actually. If the name and surname are meet, then you guys are really lucky since most often the real names are taken via other users. If you guys can not find a beautiful and memorable address that will ideal for business correspondence. Along with partners and colleagues then try adding your company name, post, or city name for your account as well. You also can pick up the address that contains the nickname that you received from friends or a nickname in a computer online game as well.

Here are some tips for selecting a personal Twitch username:

  • You have to use your the date of the month, eg: Jonhmay, MikeJuly
  • You can use your country or location, eg: Johnuk, Mikasa
  • Use your hobbies or professions, eg: doctor john as well.

If you guys only need an anonymous or one-time Twitch account. It actually makes no sense to come up along with a beautiful address, just type randomly until a green result popup. Make sure to download it if you guys plan to receive emails as such accounts are difficult to remember. However, they are useful for anonymity, great for registering on sites whenever you don’t really want to share your main account along with your friends.


Well, That all from my side. If you want to know more about this “twitch username checker” article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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