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Twitch Song Finder – How to Know About The Song

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Written by Kelly Houstan

Twitch is a fantastic way to get in touch with people all around the world. People who happen to share the same passion for games. You will find content about almost any game. In fact, if the game exists, it most certainly has a stream on Twitch. According to Twitch representatives, there are over 2 million streamers making game-related content. And with millions and millions of viewers, Twitch is the most important game-focused streaming service of the world. Just read this article, we are going to talk about Twitch Song Finder – How to Know About The Song. Let’s start!

If you are a Twitch user, you most likely know how to do basic things such as following and watching a channel. Because each channel is hosted by a different person, each one is different, and each one has unique features that make them stand from the rest. This means that, even when two channels share the same content, you will follow the one that you feel more comfortable with.

Therefore, hosts must make their channels as attractive as possible. For example, they can play games with the audience, or they can play music while they play. However, not all music is allowed in Twitch. You must make sure that Twitch allows the track that you are playing in the background of your stream. Otherwise, Twitch will mute or delete your stream. 

Twitch Song Finder – How to Know About The Song

  • Another thing that you could do is getting the author’s approval actually. This way, you guys can stream the music without any further trouble and get few followers via helping an artist. As a viewer, if you ever like a song, then you could either ask its name or you can also do the following process.
  • Let’s say that you are inside the channel, and you also liked the song that is being played. You just have to copy the channel’s URL as well.
  • Now, just tap on the following link, and paste the channel’s URL in the first blank space. Then, tap on the listen button. It is the green rectangle at the far right of the screen.
  • Now you have to wait a few seconds, and the song will be displayed on the screen. Note that this is an external tool, made via a Twitch enthusiast and it could have some glitches. Plus, this tool is Twitch-approved.

Via Shazam or SoundHound

  • Just like that, you can use either Shazam or SoundHound to the trick. You just have to download either one from your app store and then open it. 
  • In order to find the track’s name; click the orange icon on the screen and put the device close to your PC’s speakers for a few seconds. The app will also alert after finding the song.

If All Fails?

Well, you guys can try to ask someone what song is being played at that moment. Or you could ask it directly to the host, either way actually. It is going to be easier to ask instead of making this process.  Certain bots, have some commands that you can use to find out the channel’s basic information as well. You can also look up to see whether or not there is a command for knowing the song’s name actually. 


Well, That all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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