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Tutorial – Wipe Out Cache On iPhone & iPad

Wipe Out Cache On iPhone
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to wipe out the cache on the iPhone or iPad? the iPad or iPhone slows down when they slowly get clogged up with unnecessary files and apps. In this guide, we explain how to clear the cache, junk, and memory-clogging files on your PC. However, it turns to get it to run faster.

iPadOS or iOS devices don’t want the same level of maintenance as Macs. But they need proper attention to run at optimum speed. Also, the performance of traditional iPads or iPhones takes advantage of a spring clean. A clear-out also helps a human level, as it turns on you to focus on the apps and files you do use.

How to Wipe Out the cache on an iPad or iPhone

Wiping the cache in Safari is quite simple.

Clear Cache On iPhone

Step 1:

Head over to Settings, and move down to the 5th groups of options (beginning with Passwords & Accounts). Click Safari.

Step 2:

M0ve down and click ‘Clear History and Website Data’.

Step 3:

In the popup, click ‘Clear History and Data’ to confirm.

Remember that it’ll log you out of any websites you’ve recently signed into

Delete unwanted app data

Data saved by other apps can be wiped out using the Usage option in Settings.

Step 1:

Click Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

Step 2:

Under the screen. You’ll then view your apps, organized by the amount of storage they take up. Simply click an app that’s taking too much storage space.

Step 3:

Just examine the figure for Documents & Data. However, it includes related media like songs, pictures, and podcasts, save games and preferences. In some situations, it can be quite larger than the app itself.

Step 4:

If the Data or Documents figure is greater than 500MB, and you’re ready to lose the above files. Then consider removing and reinstalling the app to wipe out space.

Step 5:

If you plan to move further, click Delete App, confirm, then move to the App Store and re-download it. This clean install can’t add the data and documents and will, therefore, be smaller.

Make Storage after restarting your iPhone or iPad

Well, iOS does a good job of organizing memory without the involvement of the user. But we also find that restarting an iPhone time to time is an efficient way to wipe out the memory and make sure important apps have enough to execute happily.

Wipe Out Cache On iPhone

Come let’s check how to restart your iPhone:

Step 1:

At first, hold down the power button until “slide to power off” appears. After getting an iPhone without a Home button you want to hold down both power and volume up simultaneously until the slider appears.

Step 2:

Then swipe the switch off slider.

Step 3:

Wait a while until the device powered down fully. You can then hit and hold the power button to enable the iPhone again.

Doing this on a daily basis used to be essential on an iPhone, but is less so these days. Also, it can still essential in older versions.

Install a cleaner app

There are lots of apps that do an instant and efficient job of getting rid of files you don’t want. These are normally installed on your Mac or PC. So you can easily connect your iPhone and allows the app do its thing.

Normally the cleaner app is the most efficient way to make storage on your iPhone. But if you like a fully-featured one they cost somewhere in the region of £20/$20.


PhoneClean designed by iMobie can be used to delete junk files from iOS. Follow these steps:

Step 1:

Connect the iPhone into your Mac.

Step 2:

Head over to the PhoneClean and tap Scan.

Step 3:

Once the scan is finished, tap Clean.

Some PhoneClean features are only available in the Pro version. This begins at $19.99 for a single Mac or PC for one year.

iMyFone Umate

Just like PhoneClean, iMyFone Umate for Windows or Mac can be used to instantly erase junk or unwanted files using your iOS device.

Step 1:

Plug your iPhone to your PC or Mac.

Step 2:

Then open iMyFone Umate and tap Scan (on the Home tab).

Step 3:

Then check the unwanted Files and Temporary Files sections, then wipe them to make a storage space on your device.

Step 4:

You can also wipe out large files, and view which apps take up space, then remove them.

Here’s a free version if you need the application for yourself. The paid version, which costs $19.95 (£16), adds more amazing features.

That’s all!


Here’s all about “Wipe Out Cache On iPhone & iPad”. I hope the tips and tricks help you to improve the performance of your device. If you know any other tips or tricks that we can’t covered in this article then share it with us without any hesitation!

For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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