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Tutorial On How To Unban Someone On Discord

unban someone on Discord
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to unban someone on Discord? As its establishment in 2015, Discord has become a popular platform for gamers to talk or chat while playing games. Also, it has spread to other groups such as meme-generators, YouTubers, influencers, and much more. However, the service begins off as a relief for voice chatting, users have initiated using it as a means to talk to others and start conversations.

Just like other social media platforms, you have an opportunity to run into a ban if you don’t follow the engagement rules of the Discord server you were on or if you were spreading negativity or disorder inside a channel. The following article will help you to understand Discord bans. You’ll learn how to unban yourself or someone else, and what happens after doing this.

What happens when get banned on Discord

After getting a ban on Discord, you have no longer access to a specific server or any server. It depends on the kind of ban you have encountered. It means, once you logged in to the same account, you can’t access anything on the service.

Besides other platforms, Discord bans move beyond blacking your account when the app applies an IP ban. It means that Discord’s system determines your IP address and ban you, also if you modify your username or use another account. However, the bans also apply while creating a new Discord account as you’ll be secured from doing so because your IP address remains the same.

Who bans you on Discord

You can also get banned on Discord in 2 various ways such as server ban and system-wide ban.

Server bans are the ban when an administrator or chat owner banned you from accessing their server. When you’re server-banned, you can’t visit the chat server, post on them, send messages, or join voice channels in the server but still access other servers.

When Discord finds you in breaking of its policies, then get a system-wide ban. It means that you can’t be able to attach to any of the servers that are available on Discord.

Discord Ban you: Reasons

Discord or its administrator can ban you for lots of reasons. The reasons are listed below:

  • Send spam messages or make a spam accounts
  • Send friend requests or repetitive messages
  • Manage or participate in raids for spam or irregular activities
  • Share copyright content on media
  • Post hatred, suicidal, harmful, or blackmailing content
  • Can’t label Not-Safe-For-Work channels or send NSFW messages on SFW servers
  • Share indecent content
  • Mock someone else
  • Advertising other discords within a certain discord
  • Use indecent references such as horrible, terrorist attacks and more
  • Are found leaking confidential messages
  • Perform other illegal activity

Unban On Discord – How-To

unban someone on Discord

You can unban a person on Discord only if you have the rights or administrator of the Discord.

Note: If you haven’t any rights, you will request to the server’s administrator to unban a particular account for you.

If you want to unban someone on Discord. Just head over to the Discord app on your device then sign in to your account. Now, move to the channel you like to unban users from. Just tap the down-arrow next to the server name located on the left side of your screen, and then choose Server Settings.

On the Server Settings screen, tap on the Bans tab from the left sidebar. Now you’ll be able to view a list of all users who you have banned from the Discord server.

Choose the user you like to unban from the list (or search for the particular user after using the search bar at the top) and tap on the Revoke Ban option from the pop-up screen.

What happens after unbanning on Discord

Once done revoking the ban, the user can return back to posting on your Discord and then enroll themselves in voice channels. After you unban someone, they will visible as a member inside the DIscord and can add friends to their lists from your server.

In addition, these users can get back the ability to write messages, input a voice channel, share confidential messages, and stream live gameplay on the server. However, an unbanned user also qualifies for various roles for members such as moderators, administrators, and other amazing roles within the server.

Ban person again after unbanning them

Yes, you can also ban anyone after unbanning them from Discord server, whenever you’re the server administrator of the specific server.

Ban someone on Discord

If you want to ban someone from your Discord channel, head over to the Discord app or on your mobile and sign in to your account (if required). After you signed in, simply move to the server and then choose the channel where you like to ban users from. Right-tap on the user, you like to ban and choose the Ban option from the popup menu.

Now you’ll be asked whether or not you like to provide a reason for them being banned. Also, you plan how much of their text want to be removed. Once adding or specifying a reason, you can now move to tap the Ban button.

What happened when Discord server banned you

After you’re banned from a discord server, you can’t post inside the server’s channels, see text messages, send or receive voice chats, and see other users who are resides in the server. Also, while using another account from the same IP address, you can’t access the server as Discord not only bans your account but also bans it’s IP address. This IP ban applies when Discord banned you and you’ll be unable to connect to any servers in that platform.

Get unbanned on a Discord server

After unbanned by Discord, then request to the service after submitting your details and the issue you’re having by moving to Discord’s ‘Submit a request‘ page. From there, choose the ‘Appeal an action Trust & Safety took on my account’ option at the bottom ‘Report Type’ and specify your issues.

Get around a Discord ban

If Discord doesn’t give you a solution to lift the ban, then bypass it by either of the two techniques below. You have to remember that both these techniques can be used to get around your IP ban and you’ll then create a new account.

Use your mobile data rather than WiFi 

After banned from Discord system-wide.  Discord uses your account ID or IP address to secure you from accessing the service again. Also, if you have the plan to make a new account, you can’t do so using the same IP address and get around that. Then use an alternative data service to access Discord.

While using a WiFi network on your mobile to use Discord. You can then move to mobile data. After you have switched your WiFi source, you can move further to make a new Discord account. Simply login using your mobile data, and then log out. After successfully making a Discord account, you can now move your default data source back to WiFi and again sign in to Discord which works just to bypass the IP ban.

Similarly, you can also move from mobile data to WiFi. In case if your primary data source is cellular and then after, making a new account, you can move ahead and again use your mobile data.

Use a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network can reroute the WiFi through another PC or server that’s on a part of the world far away from you. VPN services also mask your IP address and then you can use a VPN service to get around your IP ban on the discord server.

After making your mind on which VPN service to use. Simply switch on and head over to Discord on your device. You can now create a new account after using a new email address then sign in to initiate using Discord or access a server that you were previously banned from.

Track updates, problems, and resolve for Discord

If you have any queries or questions regarding the latest feature drops, issues, updates, and how they can be resolved. Discord manages or organizes an announcement page where you can record all of those things. Here you will be able to keep a record of everything that Discord is adding or erasing from its service and how you can fix issues that are popping up on your Discord app.


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