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Tutorial – Get Flash On iPad or iPhone

Get Flash On iPad or iPhone
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to get Flash on the iPad or iPhone? If you like to play Flash games or videos on iPad or Phone, or you want to access Flash-based websites. Then you’ll come across a bit of an issue: iOS and iPadOS don’t compatible. However, there are many other apps available on the App Store that will help you. So, in this guide, we discuss how to get Flash on the iPhone or iPad.

Flash apps for iOS:

Many amazing browser apps that will allow you to play Flash games or videos on your iPhone or iPad include Puffin or Photon Browser.

Flash apps for iOS

The popular third-party browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Opera can’t support Flash on iOS and iPadOS devices. It’s just because of the decreasing popularity of the format.

Photon Browser

Photon Browser looks to be the perfect choice for iPhone or iPad users that needs Flash support. It’s price is £4.99/$4.99 apps for iPad and £3.99/$3.99 for iPhone. Also, it acts as a good choice to Safari, with a Flash mode that you enable by clicking the lightning bolt icon in the top-right corner.

In addition, after enabling Flash, it makes the browser a little slow, and it’s not an attractive interface. But it sometimes does the trick. We can create a Moshi Monster with no issue at all on iPhone or iPad using the Photon Browser.

Let’s check what happens after using Photon Flash Player vs Safari.

If you’re wondering that Photon unbearably slow, try clicking the settings icon located in the top-right edge and adjusting the settings to suit your purpose.


Puffin is another amazing browser for Flash content. Its price is £4.99/$4.99 on both iPad or iPhone.

Puffin shows the Moshi Monsters website but struggled a little when showing the Flash-version of the Disney Fantasyland site.

However, Puffin also has an issue for non-US users. Puffin’s servers are located in the US. It means there is a geo-limitation on content being viewed. For instance, rather than being in the UK, we can’t view BBC iPlayer.

Alternative ways to get Flash on iPad and iPhone

Services like Parallels Access offer a method to access Flash on the iPhone or iPad. Just by streaming directly using your Mac or PC. Parallels Access allows you to access your Mac or PC desktop on your iPad from worldwide. It enables you to use apps such as MS Office, Internet Explorer, Flash Player, and Flash-compatible browsers.

After getting Flash on iPhone or iPad is the only thing you’d be installing Parallels for, it might not the ideal fix when you pay year’s subscription £13.99/$19.99. However, if you’re also wondering for a way to access your computer or Mac remotely, or execute Mac or PC apps on an iPad or iPhone, it must be worth investigating.

Why the iPad and iPhone can’t support Flash?

Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs (late) famously bashed Flash for android and reject to allow the technology on the iOS platform. Rather than, Jobs fought for the options HTML5 standard, which has since all but return Flash around the web.

In August 2012, Adobe turned off the latest installs of Flash through the Google Play Store. It marks the end of Adobe Flash on mobile devices too.

Adobe Flash Player used in the future – Yes Or Not?

After the removal and restricted ability to view Flash content on iPadOS or iOS devices, the industry moved its interest from Flash and moved to other web codecs, and the last of Flash is near.

Adobe confirmed that the company will support the Flash format at the end of 2020 and is adjuring content creators to migrate any existing Flash content to the latest formats. While lots of browsers by default block Flash (Chrome, MS Edge, and Safari), there are still lots of browser-based games that use the technology and want to convert.


Here’s all about “Flash On iPad or iPhone”. If you think that it is helpful then do let us know your suggestions in the comment section below. Do you know any other method that you think we can’t mention in this article? Comment us below and stay tuned with us!

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