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How to Turn Android Phone into iOS without Rooting

Written by Hassan Abbas

Transform Android into iOS (iPhone) without establishing or glimmering custom ROM. Introduce iOS on Android telephone with our simple advance guide. Presumably Android is the best OS accessible in the market. Yet there are numerous individuals who like the iPhone because of its image, magnificence, and highlights. Yet, because of their costly costs, many are not ready to manage the cost of them. We have an answer for those folks. Truly, presently you can change your Android into iOS inside a couple of moments. Despite the fact that this stunt doesn’t include programming updates, it will change the vibe of your Android into iOS.

The most effective method to Turn Android into iOS

It’s difficult to cause your Android gadget to work precisely like an iPhone all around. However, there are a couple applications and changes that will get you close. In the event that you’re returning home screen-wiped out and need to change your telephone. At that point, this is the guide for you. Here, we’ve recorded the absolute best applications that will change your Android into iOS look alike. Truth be told, there are numerous Android Apps on Google Play Store that can make the interface on your Android Phone resemble an iPhone. The majority of them are paid, so we’ve given a valiant effort to discover all the great ones that are totally free.

Methodology to Turn Android Into iOS:

Instructions to Turn Android into iOS


How about we introduce the most recent iPhone wallpaper to give your home screen a total vibe of iOS.

Stage 1:

Download and duplicate these iPhone Wallpapers on your telephone.

Stage 2:

Then open any of the pictures and set it as wallpaper.

2. Home screen

We should make your Android home screen change into iPhone.

Stage 1:

Install Nova Launcher from Google Play Store. Likewise, introduce the Cleandroid UI application.

Stage 2:

Tap the Home catch and select Nova as the default Home screen launcher.

Stage 3:

Launch the Nova Launcher.

Stage 4:

Skip the procedure.

Stage 5:

Open the Applications board and dispatch the Nova Settings application.

Stage 6:

Then snap on the Look and Feel choice.

Stage 7:

On the following screen, click on the Icon topic alternative.

Stage 8:

On the following screen, select the Cleandroid UI choice.

Stage 9:

Disable the Normalize symbol size choice.

Sep 10:

Now look down and click on the App activity alternative.

Stage 11:

Then select the Zoom choice.

Stage 12:

Go back to the principle menu of Nova settings and open the Desktop alternative.

Stage 13:

Click on the Desktop framework alternative.

Stage 14:

Set the Desktop framework in 5:4 proportion.

Stage 15:

Click the Icon design alternative.

Stage 16:

Disable the Shadow choice.

Stage 17:

Increase the Icon size to 120%.

Stage 18:

Go back and open the Wallpaper looking over choice.

Stage 19:

Disable the Wallpaper looking over.

Stage 20:

Scroll down and empower the Add symbol to home screen choice.

Stage 21:

Open the Width cushioning choice.

Stage 22:

Set the Width cushioning to Large.

Stage 23:

Open the Height cushioning alternative.

Stage 24:

Set the Height cushioning to Medium.

Stage 25:

Go back to the principle menu of Nova settings and open the Dock choice.

Stage 26:

On the following screen, open the Dock foundation alternative.

Stage 27:

Then snap on the Rectangle shape.

Stage 28:

Enable the Draw behind route bar choice.

Stage 29:

Increase the straight forwardness to 80%.

Stage 30:

Open the shading choice. Furthermore, pick the White shading.

Stage 31:

Go back and open the Dock symbols choice.

Set it to four and snap-on done.

Stage 32:

Open the Icon format choice. What’s more, increment the symbol size to 120%.

Stage 33:

Open the Width cushioning and set it to Large.

Stage 34:

Open the Height cushioning and set it to Medium.

There’s nothing more to it! Simply press the Home catch to see the iOS look alike Home screen on your Android gadget.

3. Notification

We’ll utilize notify application for getting notices the same as iPhone.

Stage 1:

Install and dispatch the iNotify application.

Stage 2:

Click on Yes to get to the authorizations.

Stage 3:

On the following screen, empower the Notification to get to the alternative.

Stage 4:

Then snap on Allow alternative.

Stage 5:

This will dispatch the Settings. Presently empower the iNoty choice.

Stage 6:

Click on the Customize foundation choice.

Stage 7:

Then open the Gallery.

Stage 8:

Select the iPhone backdrops.

Stage 9:

Then open the Set textual style content status bar alternative.

Stage 10:

Set the text dimension to 13.

That is it! Simply look down to see the iOS notice board.

4. iOS Control Center

iOS control focus is outstanding for moment access to various applications and settings.

Stage 1:

Install the Control Center IOS 12 application from Google Play Store.

Android into iOS

Stage 2:

Launch the Control Center IOS 12 application.

Stage 3:

From the Handle Settings, click on Position choice.

Stage 4:

Then select the Bottom position alternative.x

Stage 5:

In the Advanced alternatives menu, diminish the Size to zero.

Android into iOS Android into iOS

Stage 6:

Then increment the Color to most extreme as demonstrated as follows:

Stage 7:

That’s everything! Simply return to the principle screen and Swipe the upward way to see the Control Center.

Android into iOS Android into iOS

Are there more approaches to change over your Android gadget into iOS? Leave your recommendations in the remarks segment given underneath.

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