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Trouble jailbreaking with checkra1n? Try this…

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Written by Hassan Abbas

If you’re anything like me, then you’re elated about the release of the checkra1n jailbreak. It’s a marvelous development that exploits to facilitate software liberation on handsets ranging from the iPhone 5s to the iPhone X. In addition, it’s the first public checkra1n jailbreaking to support iOS 13.

But it’s difficult to ignore the elephant in the room here. And that’s the utter number of public beta testers that have reported challenges getting into DFU mode and jailbreaking. Mentioning common issues such as Error-20 and failure to boot jailbroken.

Issues Vs Simple Steps:

Errors are par for the course when dealing with beta software. But as it turns out, many common issues can be averted with two simple steps:

  • Verify that you’re using a USB-A to Lightning cable instead of using USB-C to Lightning cable when jailbreaking
  • Follow the on-screen DFU mode instructions instead of entering DFU mode before using checkra1n
Why refuse USB-C to Lightning Cable?

In the first point the checkra1n team publicly denounced the use of USB-C to Lightning cables in a Tweet shared just this afternoon:


As it would seem, these cables obstruct the process of entering DFU mode. The checkra1n team said this problem is especially frequent with OEM USB-C to Lightning cables. But I’ve personally experienced similar troubles with third-party USB-C to Lightning cables such as the MFi offerings from Anker, like the one below:


When I again change OEM USB-A to Lightning cable and haven’t experienced any issues getting into DFU mode. I would suspect that those in similar shoes would benefit from this change.

In the second point, a common practice when using DFU mode-centric jailbreaks is to go into DFU mode prior to running the jailbreak tool:

The brand new checkra1n v0.9.5 public beta build won’t let you do this anymore. And according to the changelog, this sometimes resulted in the wrong DFU mode entry, which triggered all sorts of additional problems.

It would seem like the checkra1n team has updated the on-screen DFU mode instructions. They do this just to make it easier for everyday jailbreakers to follow the steps with increased success. While the previous build showed incorrect instructions to enter DFU mode on my iPhone 6 Plus. The latest build shows new instructions that worked on the first try.


If you’ve been encounter problems using the checkra1n public beta, then we’d strongly recommend following the advice in the two bullet points above.

checkra1n jailbreaking Conclusion:

Make sure that checkra1n jailbreaking is still considered a public beta and that some issues could be related to software bugs. I recommend most people that they hold off until an official public release.

For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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