Tropico will Soon be Released on the iPad

Written by Hassan Abbas

Publisher Feral Interactive said that he plans to soon release a popular game Tropico on the iPad. It is worth noting that on the “desktop” platform the project of an original dictator has become quite popular. Although the developers were criticized for lacking anything new in the gameplay of the last part, calling Tropico bad simply does not turn the language.



Attractive graphics and setting, a multifaceted process of government, where everything depends only on your decisions, and the ability to pereprohodit campaign dozens of times have done their job. Fans of darkness, so it’s time to move on – to the mobile platform.

If you like pina colada, tropical climate and dictatorial regime, then you will love the mobile version of Tropico. A popular urban simulator from Kalypso will be released for the first time on the iPad. Be sure to check out the project trailer to enjoy these wonderful views.

The developers of the urban simulator did not just choose the publisher Feral Interactive. This English company has a huge experience transferring diverse games to run on macOS and Linux. In 2016, the publisher decided to try it on the mobile market and released ROME: Total War on iOS for iPad. Later, games were developed for the iPhone. Now, along with Feral Interactive, the giant 2K Games is working, so you should not doubt the final product.

The question is only in the Tropico monetization option. If it is a paid product, then popularity may not reach the desired level. On the other hand, the success of free-to-play is also hard to believe.

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Foreign media, which, apparently, was given a trial version of the mobile Tropico, in an indescribable ecstasy from the possibilities of the novelty.

If you really like sims like SimCity, then this Tropico will definitely suit you. You just have to play it!

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