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Tricks to Become an Expert With the Google Assistant

Tricks to Become an Expert With the Google Assistant
Written by Hassan Abbas

Only half a year ago Google Assistant arrived Globally, and since then Google has implemented it practically on all mobile phones with Android. Although it does not reach the level of the English version, we are with an incredibly capable assistant, full of tricks and options that are not always known.

Therefore, today we bring a compilation with 21 tricks and functions with which you can get the most out of the Google assistant. You can do everything from doing the basics like asking him to control all the functions of your mobile to other smaller and more specific things, such as asking him for a daily summary every morning or editing the history of your questions.

Tricks to Become an Expert With the Google Assistant

Ask for a daily summary to start the day

Google Assistant has a command to give you all the information you need to start the day, which includes weather information or your calendar events. The problem is that in Spanish it is still not too complete compared to the weather and other information it offers in English, but it is a command to always keep in mind.

  • Say OK Google to open Google Assistant.
  • Say Good morning, and Assistant will respond with a voice message with the information.

Delete or edit a Query

When you make a new query to Assistant you also see the last ones you have made. However, there is a fairly simple option to delete or edit the queries that you have made before and that does not appear on the screen.

  • Once inside Google Assistant, keep pressing with your finger the query that you want to alter until a pop-up menu appears.
  • The menu will have two options, and you only have to click on the option you want. With Edit query you can change what you have asked Assistant, and with Delete group, you will delete the group of questions and answers related to each selected query.

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Tell him to call you by another name

By default, Google Assistant will use the name of your Google account to refer to you. However, there is a command to ask the assistant to call you with any other name you want. Yes, it’s also worth Batman.

  • Say call me anything, changing anything by any other name you want to use.
  • From now on, when Assistant interacts with you, he will use the name you asked him to call you.

Change the default temperature units

Although if you live in Europe the safest thing is that Assistant already tells you the temperature degrees in Celsius, you also have the possibility to change them to Fahrenheit. It’s as easy as asking, and the assistant will remember it until you decide to change it again.

  • Di * Change the default unit to Fahrenheit.
  • Assistant will tell you what is going to change, although you will have a No option, forget it to cancel the change.
Google Assistant
Google Assistant
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Make Assistant sing to you

If you want to delight with the melodic voice of your assistant, you can ask him to sing random songs, and even to sing your happy birthday if no one else has.

  • Say Sing a song or sing me a song, and Assistant will start singing. From reggaeton to jacks.
  • When finished, you can tell Otra to sing another song.
  • If you tell him Sing happy birthday, he will sing the birthday song.

Start playing your favorite series on Netflix

One of the characteristics of good virtual assistants is that they can interact with other applications that you have installed. In the case of Assistant, for example, you can ask him to open certain content on Netflix.

  • Say TITLE on Netflix, changing TITLE for the title of the series, film or documentary you want to see.
  • In one or two seconds, Assistant will open Netflix to reproduce what you asked for.

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Play your favorite music

Google Assistant also allows you to play your favorite music. On the one hand, you can play it from your Google Play Music catalog, although in case you do not use it you can also play it directly from other applications such as Spotify.

If you say commands like Play Music, Assistant will open you directly Google Play Music
You can also be more concrete, and tell him to put ARTIST on Spotify, by changing ARTIST for the musician you want. Assistant will open Spotify in that artist’s profile.

How to go to a site and what traffic you can find

The Google assistant also complements Google Maps perfectly to offer you services related to the map system. For example, you can ask him to tell you the route to go somewhere or to tell you what traffic there is and how long it will take.

  • If you tell them how to go to DESTINATION, changing DESTINATION to any location, Assistant will show you a route to reach the site.
  • If you tell him how is the traffic to go to DESTINATION, changing DESTINATION to any location, Assistant will show you a map where you will see the traffic in different colors.
  • In both cases, you will know the time you will need to go, and below the result, you can press an Origin button with a blue arrow to open Google Maps with the route from your current location to the site you have asked.

Find yourself on the map

But you may not want to go anywhere, and you simply want to know in what area of a city you are. In this case, you can ask Assistant where you are to locate you immediately.

  • If you ask where I am, Assistant will show you on the map your current location.
  • If you click on the map, Google Maps will open, marking your location.

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Ask him about the time

Google Assistant will also let you know the time you are going to do in the city of your choice. By default, it will tell you the next three days, but you can also ask for the weather forecast for a specific day in a specific city.

  • If you ask Time in CITY, changing CITY for a specific one, it will tell you the time it is now in that city.
  • If you ask him what time he is going to do in CITY, changing CITY for a specific one, he will tell you the forecast of the time he will do in the next days in that city.
  • If you ask him what time he is going to do on Monday in CITY, changing city for a specific one, Assistant will tell you the forecast for that city on the day you have told him.

And Much More…

Since I don’t want to type anymore, do find some more tricks and share with us in comments.

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