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Translate Documents in Word on Mac: User Guide

Written by Hassan Abbas

Translate Documents in Word: If you are using MS Word on your Mac for creating documents, then you know it has some nice features. And if you’re writing something that you want to translate into another language. Word has that feature built right into it.

You can also translate a whole document or just a specific text. So if you want to send or share your work with someone then this is handy.

Here’s how to translate documents in Word for Mac.

Translate your selected text in Word

Simply Open Word on your Mac to the document you want to translate. Then follow these steps.

Step 1:

Click the Review tab at the top of the Word window.

Step 2:

Choose the text you want to translate. Click the Translate button and choose Translate Selection.

Step 3:

A sidebar opens on the right side to the Selection tab. And the text you select automatically appears in the From box at the top. 

Step 4:

Now choose the To language in the box below and you should see the translation immediately.

If you’d like to replace your selected text with the translated text, click Insert. You can also reverse translation by tapping the Swap button between the two text boxes.

Translate your Entire Document in Word

If you want to translate your whole document, Word on Mac makes this easy too.

Step 1:

Select the Review tab at the top of the Word window.

Step 2:

Now tap the Translate button and choose Translate Document.

Step 3:

If you’ve already selected a language before, then the sidebar will open and the document will automatically translate to that dialect immediately.

Note: If not, then choose a language in the To drop-down box and click Translate.

Your translated document will open in a new window.

Frequent Translations to the same Language

If you want to translate your documents in a specific language then you can also set the default. However, on the Review tab, click the Translate button and choose Select Document Translation Language.

Once you do this your document will be translated and open in a new window automatically.


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