Toshiba Introduced a Prototype Memory with a Record Capacity of 2.66TB

Toshiba SSD
Written by Hassan Abbas

BiCS FLASH with QLC NAND technology will make memory cards and solid-state drives more capacious.

Toshiba Memory together with Western Digital has created a prototype flash memory 3D NAND record density – 1.33 Tbit. 96-layer chips BiCS FLASH can store in each cell four bits (QLC). For comparison, most modern SSD uses 32-layer chips, in advanced – 64-layer. Thus, Toshiba once again proves its technological leadership in the data storage market.

Toshiba SSD

The BiCS FLASH memory module of 16 crystals has a record capacity of 2.66 TB. This opens up new possibilities for fast memory cards and solid-state drives with higher density. Toshiba plans to show its development at the Flash Memory Summit 2018 in Santa Clara, California, in early August.

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It is expected that in September of this year, suppliers of SSDs and controllers for SSD will receive samples of the BiCS FLASH memory chips. Mass production will begin in 2019. Then the first devices with this memory will appear on the market.

Western Digital has already announced that at the end of this year it will begin delivering consumer products under the SanDisk brand with new memory chips. The semiconductor giant still has a contract with Toshiba Memory, despite the fact that the latter was acquired by the consortium Bain Capital, which includes Apple, Dell, Seagate, and Kingston.

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