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Top Ten Alternatives to Clash of Clans

Top Ten Alternatives to Clash of Clans
Written by Hassan Abbas

2012 was a vital year for the video game for mobile devices and Clash of Clans is to blame for that. The title of Supercell has been and continues to be, a tremendous success since it broke all the parameters that have been and have been. The strategy and management of Clash of Clans configured a new style of video games that have been copied ad nauseam. With this thought in mind, we have prepared a list of Top Ten Alternatives to Clash of Clans that have come out until 2018.

Castle Clash

[appbox googleplay com.igg.castleclash]

The company behind the successful Lords Mobile launched in 2013 an interesting title based on Clash of Clans. Today is a tad late compared to the rest of the similar games, but Castle Clash was one of the first games that tried to stand up to the Supercell video game. Giving a more fantastic touch to its theme, we must treat this historical with the respect it deserves.

Dawn of Mars

[appbox googleplay com.illuminationgames.dawnofmars]

Video games inspired by Clash of Clans often share their style of play that combines the management of the base and the attack on the strengths of our enemies. But not all the games of this school have decided to follow the path to tiptoe and Dawn of Mars is one of them. Although we still have to build our base to obtain resources, the aggressive part has been omitted and instead a story has been introduced that acts as the engine of the game. A change of the third that introduces us without our knowing it in an intriguing story about the conquest of Mars.

Hero Sky

[appbox googleplay com.innospark.herosky]

One of the common tropes in the clones of Clash Royale is the change of theme to make them look like a different product. In this case, we are faced with a crazy hodgepodge of Greek gods and flying ships that is quite attractive. In the playable cannot be said to innovate too much, but at least we are facing a very serious product and with quite high production values.

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Call of Duty: Heroes

Everyone wanted to sign up for the Clash of Clans party and Activision did not want to take the opportunity to try their own. This well-known shooters franchise takes its world to a compact strategy title and with some novelties imported from its video games: the use of special attack powers, such as the helicopter attack that will move us for a moment to the FPS genre. Surprisingly, it has to be said that it works and that the game has a lot of fun behind it since it does not settle for being a simple clone that has changed the skins of its units and buildings.

Jungle Heat

[appbox googleplay]

As happens with Castle Clash, this Jungle Heat appeared back in 2013 to get on the wave of Clash of Clans and see how much it endured. The funny thing is that even today it continues to receive content and this is due to the support of the community to this work that brings the strategy to the jungle. They have not stopped on their laurels and even today we can enjoy this game with high-resolution graphics thanks to a patch they have available., the company behind the title, wanted to follow in Supercell’s footsteps until the end of time and for that reason, it also has its own Clash Royale de la jungle.

Lunar Battle

[appbox googleplay]

Colonizing the space is our goal in this fantastic game that is inspired by a 1982 Atari classic. The strategy of our base remains unchanged when compared to Clash of Clans, but the combat of Lunar Battle has been transferred to battles between battleships . This change is a breath of fresh air that we can only praise, as well as his virtuoso graphic style and his retro wave music that reminds us of the last album by Daft Punk. Check our gameplay in case you want to discover more about this jewel.

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Boom Beach

[appbox googleplay com.supercell.boombeach]

From Supercell seemed to think that since everyone copied his star game, nothing better than doing it themselves. Of this more than possible lucubration Boom Beach was born, the Clash of Clans of combat between islands that counts on a quite carefree military ambientation. Maybe it’s something more casual than Clash of Clans and we appreciate it because it’s much faster to enjoy it. It may not have been as successful, but it is an alternative to Clash of Clans more than remarkable.

Star Wars: Commander

[appbox googleplay com.lucasarts.starts_goo]

Everyone wants their piece of cake and Star Wars also signed up for the festival. What happens is that they have not settled for changing the theme and now. No, the game has a very interesting story, iconic heroes of the franchise, dubbing the voices of the characters, ability to choose one of the two factions (Empire and Rebels) … An excellent game in which we will find ourselves humming the tune of John Williams since we put our hands on him.

Forge of Empires

[appbox googleplay com.innogames.foeandroid]

Do not be scared of your feckless appearance. Forge of Empires is a complete title that has adhered to the Clash of Clans formula, but that does not pervert it by simply copying it. We will have to go up to our empire through the different ages of the world while we conquer territories in the campaign mode Total War style. Of course, instead of massive battles, we will face in grids that will make us think if we are not facing a video game of Paradox. Something that we can also notice thanks to the development of our knowledge tree that brings real depth to the game. It may be that the waiting times are already a little tired, but here they are worth it thanks to their breadth of vision.

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[appbox googleplay com.nexonm.dominations.adk]

To say that we are facing a game like Civilization could be a bit daring, but DomiNations is an interesting mix of Sid Meier’s masterpiece with concepts from Clash of Clans. We have to build an attack-proof base while we collect resources from our surroundings, not only with buildings but also with the use of our villagers who will be able to hunt, collect fruits and a thousand more pirouettes. The game is simpler than meets the eye and this makes it a highly recommended product for any user who wants to relive the history of the world’s civilizations.

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