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Top Five Best Android Emulators For PC

Top Five Best Android Emulators For PC
Written by Hassan Abbas

Given the increasing functional approach to mobile ecosystems and desktop environments, it is common for many users to try to find ways to further strengthen this relationship by bringing mobile applications to their desktops. What a while ago was the exclusive domain of the Android development kit or the pioneering Bluestacks has led to the proliferation of tools similar to the latter that allow running Android apps on PC adapting control to keyboard and mouse and offering a huge degree of compatibility and performance.


Top Five Best Android Emulators For PC

We started with the oldest, but over time has been differentiated from the rest in pursuit of a more sober experience. The compatibility list is quite limited and only shines in certain games. Likewise, its interface is totally corrupted to make mobile browsing as intuitive as possible, integrating Google Play Services in the emulator and prompting us to synchronize our real account with its virtual machine.


Top Five Best Android Emulators For PC

A newcomer who has managed to make room in recent times thanks to offering what the people want: simplicity, speed, and compatibility. You can not ask for pears to the helm, although with only a year of development have managed to get ahead an emulator that swallows most new apps the system is based on Android Kit-Kat. In fact, the interface does not offer any external submenu and most of the navigation is done from the own emulation of the Android menu system. If you are looking for something basic to play Clash of Clans on PC and little else, this is the best option.

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Top Five Best Android Emulators For PC

Take the sobriety of Bluestacks, remove complications and greatly increase the compatibility list of the games. Andy is halfway to the previous two proposals, being equally consistent when playing video games that use communication apps on our desktop. Even so, their intentions are obvious if we look at some of their characteristics such as the possibility of using a physical smartphone as a control pad.


Top Five Best Android Emulators For PC

Some of the emulators offer extra features that go beyond amateur use. Genymotion, in its free variant, is a more than competent Android emulator that has little to envy to others, but it is in its Premium mode where it really is interesting, offering a total integration with SDIs of development with Android Studio or every time most reviled Eclipse. The extensive documentation on its official website aims to supplant the Android SDK emulator itself as a testing tool.

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Top Five Best Android Emulators For PC

We do not know very well where this KoPlayer came from, but the truth is that we are facing a Korean Android emulator that brings together a host of benefits relegated in many cases to the field of payment such as the possibility of capturing video emulation quite fluently. Besides allowing download games from Google Play or directly in APK has its own bazaar with a selection of apps that run perfectly on the emulator.

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