Top Android Apps To Promote Your Blog

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The contemporary world is so fast-paced and digital that it isn’t even something that we can ignore anymore. The way we communicate with one another has changed so much over the past decade, and there is no sign of that changing anytime soon. The digital era has completely revolutionized how people interact with one another, which is why blogging is such a big deal right now. Millions of people read blogs on a daily basis, and that means that if you want your blog to receive more attention from search engines as well as readers then Adsy company guest blogging is probably the best way to achieve that goal. But how do you promote your blog in order? That’s where the Android apps for bloggers come in…

Top Apps To Promote Blog

Evernote App

Evernote is an app that allows you to centralize all of your thoughts, ideas, and more. It’s essentially a digital notebook where you can save anything from articles to recipes and more. With this app, it’s easy for you to share your content with friends and family as well as make them aware of what your blog has to offer. Evernote is one of the blog apps for Android that also has the ability to schedule posts for future dates; so if you want them to come out on a certain day or week, then Evernote is the perfect app for that! Another thing about Evernote is that it does not require any sort of subscription fee. You only need the basic functionality in order to get started with this app and make it work for you.

Tumblr App

Tumblr is a social media platform that is perfect for bloggers. It has a simple layout, which makes it easy for anyone to navigate the site. If you are looking for blogging apps that is going to help you interact with your readers and see the number of people who are following your blog, Tumblr is the way to go. Tumblr account also allows bloggers to easily change their theme, which means they can change up their look at any time they want. With Tumblr being so easy to use, these apps are perfect for you if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands and dream to monetize your blog and make money hand over fist.

Writer App

As you know, a blog isn’t enough on its own to bring in quality traffic, retain followers and grow your audience. You need more. Fortunately, there are many ways an established blog can enhance its visibility, interaction and overall outreach. The Android app for blogs that we would recommend is the Writer App. This app is perfect for bloggers who want to write articles and have them published on other blogs for free. The only downside about this app is that you cannot edit your articles after they are published, which means you can’t really do much with your blog once it’s live.

WordPress App

Blogging is undoubtedly a time-consuming task. Moreover, in order to build an effective blog and keep the readers engaged, you need constant help. Promoting your blog on social media sites, app stores, and other online platforms is also essential to reach a larger audience.

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms, and it’s also one of the most supported. There are a lot of WordPress apps out there, but we recommend that you go with Blogo. This app has all the features that you will need to make your blog successful. The other thing that makes this app so great is that it allows you to keep your blog posts scheduled for publishing on a particular day and time. You can also set it up so that each post is automatically published at at specific intervals which helps to increase your reach.

Photza App

Photos are an important component of successful blog promotion as 90% of success depends on whether it will be possible to attract the user’s attention to the article or not. Usually, a person fluently analyzes the content according to the “like / dislike” principle. On average, it takes 2-3 seconds. In this short time, you have a chance to interest a person only with the help of beautiful, well-chosen photographs.

To make such photos, it is not necessary to hire an expensive photographer. All you need is a mobile phone with a good camera and the right lighting. Then you send your photos to Photza and they do photo editing. Literally, for $5-$10 they will make a professional photo out of your snapshot. This approach significantly saves money on blog promotion and reduces the bounce rate of your site.

Blogger App

The Blogger app is one of the easiest ways to promote your blog. Blogger is a mobile platform for anyone who wants to publish blogs, so it’s an excellent choice not only if you want to connect with readers, but also if you want your blog to be seen by as many people as possible. By using this app, you can easily upload photos and videos from your phone, post links and other content without even needing a computer or laptop. This is the best way for bloggers to share their work with the world. The blogger app makes it really easy for new users to learn what kind of content they should be posting on their blog while simultaneously making it easy for visitors to find blogs that they’re interested in reading. The key here is that there are so many different things that people can do on the blogger app that it’s impossible not to see results!

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In this digital world, everyone is looking for ways to get their content noticed. Every niche has its own thriving community of readers who are hungry for new content. Blogging is a great way to reach out to your audience, so it’s important to have the right tools. That’s where Android apps come in handy. These free-to-use programs are designed to help you promote your blog and attract more followers from within a specific niche or target audience.

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