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Top 5 Best Apps To Optimize Your Android Device
Written by Hassan Abbas

Getting a brand new device is the best option, for a newbie especially. Why? well, you get to enjoy the smooth performance of it for a couple of months, only if you get a flagship device. Otherwise, it would be a matter of weeks before you start seeing your device performing poor. The reason behind this is you start filling the device with different sort of media and the apps start running the background fluently. And the case scenario, you don’t even know what is causing such a problem for the device to perform slow. For such issues, you need Best Apps To Optimize Your Android Device.

One of the things are the Junk files, they play a deep role not only in taking your device memory but also ruining the entire device performance. And the worst part you can’t find these junk files manually. Junk file removing apps is the only thing that can scan and erase these. Apart from the Junk files, we have apps that are running in the background constantly draining the battery. You can’t manually stop them, however, there are 3rd party apps that can stop such apps that are not active.

Top 5 Best Apps To Optimize Your Android Device

If you are tired of doing the manual stuff, then worry not as we have some brilliant apps to provide you solution to all of this. These apps easily remove the junk files and dig deep into the system to stop all the unnecessary apps as well. For this, you just have to open and run the app then wait for it to do the job. Without further ado, let’s see the Top 5 Best Apps To Optimize Your Android Device and make your device fast and smooth.

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Top 5 Best Apps To Optimize Your Android Device


CLEAN MASTER is the best and I personally say, the best cleaning application for Android. Both for cleaning the RAM, cache as well as the saving up the memory space and closing background apps as well. CLEAN MASTER is light and doesn’t take much space at all but delivers the best cleaning performance. Moreover, it also cleans the RAM to let you open more of the apps.

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Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster

Cache Cleaner is a one tap optimization app, it is perfect for those who are new to using such cleaning apps. Open the app and just Tap the optimize button, the rest of the process will be done automatically in no time. However, you might find it teasing that you can’t take this app off from the notification bar.

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Power Clean

Power Clean has a good interface, this app has the best interface as it provides you all the deep stats right on the screen. It is a lightweight app with several different themes options as well. It also scans and deletes all the duplicate files, which is the perfect option for any Android user. But the annoying ads in the notifications might not be a good feature in this app. And it also has an App lock to keep everything private.

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You all must have remembered using the AVG antivirus on your Windows operating system? Well, I was a keen user of Avira, never tried AVG, till the Windows defender start doing it better than each one of them. Now the AVG Cleaner is available for your Android devices, acting as a cleaner and as an antivirus. Keep in mind, don’t purchase the pro version cause it still won’t stop showing ads.

AVG Cleaner – Handy Reiniger
AVG Cleaner – Handy Reiniger
Developer: AVG Mobile
Price: Free+

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APUS BOOSTER is a new entry in the optimizing world and is already on the top. APUS BOOSTER Offers more features than any other cleaner app but doesn’t actually do the job all the times. APUS BOOSTER has fewer advertisement than any other app. And it works pretty well on the non-rooted devices as well.

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